5 years of ups and downs of NetEase LOFTER how to embark on the road of social picture

5 years ago, no one could have foreseen the state of LOFTER.


because of the impact of the rise of micro-blog 10 years ago, the light blog from the Internet and personal content on the traditional platform blog born, in which the United States is the most typical Tumblr. The function is not lost blog, and the operation is more simple, so that Tumblr has now has more than 550 million users, 280 million blog and 132 billion posts.

but in China, the situation is far less than the light blog abroad. The reasons for this difference is very complex, or even a large part comes from the culture, as the NetEase Hangzhou Research Institute Director Wen Min blog in MindTalk line field share:

abroad has been able to grow out of Tumblr, Instagram, and so some of the mass of users of the product, with the United States society has a certain relationship. American environment is more likely to inspire more creative and aesthetic pursuit of the user, while the domestic environment is not so open and inclusive in the United states.

Last year, sina

with light blog closed, LOFTER has become the domestic light blog application only "Survivor", not only has 27 million mobile terminal active users, 3 million active users, and also out of their own "social image" of the road.

the success of the big transformation, completely in the usual bit by bit operation to complete, which may be LOFTER unique operating experience.

operation, let LOFTER reborn


on the function, LOFTER PC and mobile terminal quietly on a different path.

PC end LOFTER still maintained the light blog architecture, you can publish text, pictures, music, videos and other elements; in contrast, the mobile terminal has already entered the picture of social field, directly click the Publish button can send pictures, text and video and only through the long press to send. This is similar to the release of WeChat circle of friends, in subtle form of the user’s guide.

look back early users of LOFTER, there are a large part of the NetEase from before the photography community, many even is responsible for the operation of the staff of a pull into the LOFTER content, they can provide high quality.

is the first early users, many users of LOFTER seeds from the NetEase in the cold start phase of photography, photography and even most of the user operating the students one by one to pull in, the number of users is the biggest characteristic of high quality.


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