One in a million How can a start up company survive

editor’s note: the author of this paper is Mark Rosner, is the director of research and development of Silicon Valley automation mobile advertising marketing platform AppLovin.

if you are self-employed, or working in a start-up company, it should be very familiar with the technical maturity curve proposed by Gartner (hereinafter referred to as Hype Cycle), but also know it will bring too high expectations. In other words, if a new concept has been excessive pursuit of people, then when the Domain company did not meet the development expectations will be severely criticized and accused.

the most obvious example is the Internet of things, because of its evolution and development is not fast enough, so at the other end of the Hype Cycle. The same is true of the robot – when Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft announced their entry into the battle, it entered the so-called disillusionment, the prospects seem less optimistic.

is not all bad news. On the one hand, thanks to Pokemon Go and Snapchat Mobile Games filter hot, AR technology has been successfully out of disillusionment. On the other hand, mobile advertising has been in the recovery period of enlightenment, although the road is difficult, but finally succeeded.

below is aimed at Hype Cycle in the start-up company, put forward some suggestions for survival and development:

NO.1 keep calm, until the mature products and then announced

if your startup is in an industry that is over hyped and sought after, it will be under pressure from Gartner Hype Cycle. You will find that the major media for your product hype, your competitors at all to win the news. At this time, not natural will have to be first thoughts, hopes to become the industry pioneer and leader. This is where the charm of excessive speculation.

but you have to remember, excessive speculation will erode your patience. Even if you make a very small mistake, the whole industry, is a huge impact. If you do not meet the media and the outside expectations of you, you will soon become a loser makes a joke from the science and technology industry giants.

is the valuation of the company, the media LED can be rewritten in a whoop and a holler, overnight. So, for startups, most insurance option is to wait until their products really mature, watertight, and then officially announced.

, for example, my own company, successfully resisted the temptation of a variety of public expectations during the frenzy, after the success of 300 customers, the product is really mature, it was officially announced through the media. Facts have proved that we choose to postpone the media publicity, in the establishment of a solid business foundation, and then facing the public is the right choice.

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