Group purchase website is still the monthly increase of 732 industry reshuffle situation has not yet


group purchase sites will ultimately rest many? Innovation works chairman Li Kaifu has made the "thousand melee, 99% will die" judgment, including senior Internet critic Hu Yanping, handle network founder Wu Bo, many industry insiders also held a similar prediction: group purchase industry will reshuffle from the beginning of this year, a large number of websites are facing pressure.

In 2011 nearly half past

, not only a large area of the site of death, Gaopeng,, Douban, Shanda and other enterprises to enter the enthusiasm undiminished. Recently, the domestic independent buy navigation website group 800 statistics show that in March this year, a month, the number of buy site increased by 732, reaching 4015. Bigwigs shuffle the late arrival time prediction.

market pick up

shuffle situation has not yet

yes. Although the group purchase since the birth of showing explosive growth, but still in the 1-2 months of this year (the Spring Festival) suffered freezing, by physical logistics group purchase vacation trapped during the Spring Festival, January 2011 and February, the overall market group purchase group purchase market sales in December 2010 compared with no obvious growth. Entered in March, buy the industry market size rose again to restore the situation, to return to a high level of compound growth in 2010 18% monthly.

according to the group 800 "March 2011 Industry Report" group purchase sampling statistics data show that in March this year, the domestic group purchase a total sales of 506 million yuan, 401 million yuan in sales in 2010 compared to December increased by 26.18%, which affected by the Spring Festival holiday "group purchase cool" has been gradually restored growth.

buy a high enthusiasm to continue, let the fear of a number of chiefs before the buy second years will shuffle prophecy again postponed. In less than a month time, group purchase originator Groupon and Tencent, Yunfeng fund joint venture called officially landing operations, with a grand final Internet gangster attitude reached the field,, 360, happy net…… In the field of information classification, these take charge as chief of security, social networking sites and other well-known Internet companies also continue to catch the last train.

is even more critical, even if such as the network access to $110 million financing after such capital enclosure, a large number of small and medium sites continue to emerge. Group 800 data show that in March a month, the market and the emergence of a group of 732 buy site, buy the site reached a total of 4015, the growth rate is still amazing.

service in

commodity purchase ratio dropped by

"group purchase market began to return to" service "nature", the consumer group purchase experts, group 800 co-founder Hu Chen, founder of Groupon leading group purchase group purchase intention in the mode of "localization quality service", but the difference trend last year to enter the market after China, with cosmetics as representative >

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