Sequoia Capital Shen Napeng four points to start the business CEO


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the global implementation of Sequoia Capital Partners, Sequoia Capital China founder and managing partner of Mr. Shen Napeng in Zhen Masters (real master class) to share the compiled. Zhen Masters is one of the serious fund activities, regularly invited the master and the real field of venture capital investment company CEO face-to-face sharing.

1, set strategy

Internet industry today and in 1999 when there is a fundamental difference. Today, BAT, Jingdong and millet and other large companies have covered a considerable portion of the market opportunities. But we do not complain, this is not a monopoly, is the commercial development of each industry is bound to experience the process. The "traditional" industry is not the same? Do mineral water, do brand appliances business now, the success rate is very small, this is not determined how much money, how much, but in the current situation, opportunities are less.

but the Internet industry, new products, new business models still have a chance?. Four years ago, we believe that the pattern of China’s Internet news has been basically finalized, but in recent years, today’s headlines do very well. At that time we went to understand the "today’s headlines," when doing a VC the most common thing to do – Comparison of competing goods. We see a lot of big companies are doing similar products, so there is no vote on their A wheel. The fact that we are wrong, but then we realized that the technical advantages of their products, their investment in later rounds.


today’s headlines

as a CEO, you want to do business on the first day of mental preparation and technical reserves. To think, if the giant into the industry, how will you deal with the strategic choice here?. 2008, Jingdong is facing the development of the market has a huge electricity supplier platform, Liu Qiangdong chose the road of self electricity supplier. At that time, there was not a company, including offline retailers, to be able to do a good job in the supply chain, warehousing and distribution of these things, but it turned out that he was a different strategic choice is correct.

2, heavy product

do a good user experience does not require you to be a technical or programming expert, but you must pay attention to product and user experience.

Jingdong self logistics, ensuring the accurate time distribution, can be done within 24 hours of delivery in more than 100 city. You may remember that Liu Qiangdong personally delivered the photos, which shows that they are sending a clear message – on time delivery.

CEO is also product manager. The team is responsible for implementation, but CEO should be involved and help the team to polish the product.

3, with the team >

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