Design treasure to do the exclusive icon icon

talk about the icon, we must not unfamiliar. Icon file format is special, small size, while the object of high demand, so even professionals in the design icon, also need to spend more energy. But whether it is a professional web designer, artist design work, or ordinary users landscaping system, web site or blog, you need to use the icon in order to achieve better results. In this case, some of the icon search engine came into being, they set a number of outstanding works icon to create the conditions, necessary for the designers to search the icon, and then the designer can focus more on the overall design, make better works.


due to the obvious advantages in design and information technology has a long history, at present, the network icon several major search engines such as iconarchive, findicon, iconfind and freedicon belong to foreign construction alone. In the operation of the site layout design, icon classification, search mode construction, these icon search engine is not suitable for the use of domestic designers, or simply do not provide Chinese language services. This makes the domestic designer to take longer time to search the icon, the effect is poor, away from the icon search engine to make the design more convenient, the original intention. Today, a separate design and development by the Chinese people, all from our needs, habits of icon search engine design treasure ( was born, marking the Chinese exclusive icon era


produced by the Chinese people not only do not support the design of the Chinese search caused by the search process is not complicated, the search results deviation, the more important significance lies in its understanding of people’s thinking, search habits. Design treasure is not just a simple Chinese search, but from the point of view of the designer to better interpret the depth of each entry into the expression of Chinese characters. To input the word "dragon" as an example, if you search for "dragon" in the IconFinder and other foreign search engine, will seize the princess monster outside the castle, and a far cry from the spirit totem symbol of the Chinese nation we need the "dragon". Similar to the search habits, cultural differences caused by the search results are not ideal, I believe many designers have encountered.


design treasure intentions, not only that. When you search for personal resources in the treasure in the design, the design will find the treasure to support any size in the range of 0-512PX search, search, support icon color support according to the relevant degree, according to the size of the icon with a variety of models, to ensure that users can quickly search to the icon resource.

design treasure every strict screening for people to use icons, has formed a massive design resources of nearly 5000, 600 thousand free icon icon, provides a convenient search service for many design talents. Design treasure

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