Website optimization ten steps

first you want to do a what kind of website, we must do a good job in all aspects of the preparation, even my site in what time, what time can be ranked to what position, daily traffic is expected to reach the number to.

second if you have the ability to try to design their own website, do not use the original comes with the benefits of such a template and two

1, in the optimization of the template will be similar to a certain extent to the site a certain punishment, that is, to reduce permissions.

2, for the degree of customer experience, if you want to be a "dream" of a public know the original template, even if the ranking in the first place and how, when you enter his website to see the inside of the template is you familiar with a


what will you do with the template? If it is, I will not hesitate to come out. Is there any point in ranking first?

third site code as far as possible. The use of DIV+CSS model, the use of CSS code verification, the greatest degree of optimization of the site code for the optimization of the site to do a good job.

fourth the best site for the site to prepare more than 30 articles, after uploading to the major search engines.

fifth original article, of course, is the last, if there is no time in accordance with the ratio of 3 to 1 hair is no problem, but the best time to send the article to be fixed, every day in a certain period of time, it will be better.

fifth as much as possible to Submit search engines, these things, of course, the more the better.

sixth chain is indispensable, in some of the more well-known blog, such as Sina, the NetEase continued down the chain, there are still some to do with.

seventh as far as possible to ensure that every month to add 3~5 high quality links, similar sites first.

eighth in the optimization process to pay attention to whether the site is linked to friendship, the right to drop if there is a tendency to clean up.

ninth put your site added to some of the favorites, if Baidu favorites.

tenth insist, do SEO is nothing more than a stick to the process, maybe you will win in the next second.

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