WordPress parent company financing 160 million valuation of 1 billion 160 million


WordPress parent company financing $160 million

last month, Fortune broke the blog platform operator Automattic (more familiar with the title is WordPress parent company) is seeking more than $100 million in a new round of financing, investment circles lead to chase. Today, Automattic CEO Mullenweg officially announced that the company has completed a $160 million financing from Insight Venture Partners lead, new investors / institutions, including Chris Sacca, Endurance Matt. Prior to May last year, Automattic also through the two market financing $50 million. Currently the company founded 9 years of valuation of $1 billion 160 million, officially entered the $one billion club.

back a year ago, Mullenweg has publicly stated that Automattic operating in good condition, there is cash flow, less capital constraints, it will not consider financing. But it was not until January that Mullenweg took over CEO that he realized the value of capital. He said that the new round of financing will be mainly on the mobile products, electricity providers, as well as the new version to build.

in fact, the rapid expansion of competitors also makes Automattic in less than a year had to start a new round of financing. From last November to the end of last month, self-help field have 5 companies completed the listing, or a new round of financing large, including Weebly won $35 million financing Tencent announced in April 26th April 16th, Squarespace completed $40 million B round of financing, Medium at the end of January this year completed a $25 million financing, Shopify financing $100 million last December last November, Wix listed.

station gradually lower threshold for a new round of O2O reform is good news, traditional enterprises can get a simple and efficient, low-cost network information display platform. For subsequent product model design, marketing and other follow-up issues played a role in infrastructure.

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