Big data era for marketers who inspired

big data era has come, the future for the enterprise, the data may be the most important and most precious thing, and big data for marketing staff is also so. Data collection and data collection, data analysis and processing, as well as from the data to find those potential marketing objects, data is the key to winning marketers. But its operation is extremely complicated, the first is how to get a lot of valuable data, this is a screening process, with the local maternal industry as an example, to filter out those mothers from specific populations, especially the newly married young couple. Through data analysis, we can know the user needs what kind of product or service, even in what period of time, if we can make the product promotion and marketing at the right time, you will certainly get. That is, when the user needs the product or service, so as to make marketing more practical results.


data collection and collection: how to allow users to actively contribute data information

a Taobao shop friend, want to do network promotion now, products are mainly female ornaments, target the basic lock for young women, it is more the school students. But now I do not know where to start, the first is to find ways to collect information on this part of the consumer groups, such as cell phone numbers, e-mail, QQ number and other personal information. Of course, users generally do not easily reveal their contact information, I am more in the city school, you can go to the school around the leaflets, or even paste small ads. However, such a promotion can not give the user a deep impression, and now students have the habit of surfing the Internet, you can benefit social platform to promote products, such as: Renren, QQ space, etc.. Give the user a little bit of benefits, give a little gift, so it will be better to collect user data. But really want to analyze the user’s daily spending habits, then I’m afraid you have to find ways to understand the user more data information, data collection and mining is a huge project, especially when the amount of data is very large.

data analysis and sharing: different industries can exchange data

many traditional companies after years of accumulation, there are a lot of commonly available data on hand to the local hospital, for example, the patient’s case records are very useful data. Fierce competition in the medical industry, network marketing is necessary to do well, you can use YY, QQ group and other platforms to promote the hospital. The premise is to classify and sort the patient’s data, for a particular disease can be set up a special QQ group consulting platform, and even the official WeChat online solutions. Regularly remind patients should pay attention to the daily life of bad habits, so as not to aggravate the condition. Data can be shared and exchanged in a number of hospitals, but this is indeed the ideal situation, each other since it is a competitor, it is difficult to do this. But there is no eternal rivals, there is no eternal friend, enterprises want to get more profits and better development. Finally, we must establish a variety of cooperation

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