Sina micro blog official beta version of the micro group experience upgrade again

November 25th, Sina micro-blog is the focus of the official version of "micro group" officially entered the beta stage. Sina micro group also known as apron, the official service account for micro group secretary". As a group of sina micro-blog products, micro groups positioned as a small circle in the big micro-blog, Sina services existing users of micro-blog, to provide users with a small circle of gathering, communication, exchange platform.

In accordance with the provisions of

, during the Sina micro group beta, micro-blog users by invitation code to join and create micro group. However, the original Locke micro group user default has opened the micro group service, no invitation code can be entered. New users can micro group announcement page for "micro group secretary" to send private messages, ask for an invitation code.


in the beta phase, Sina micro-blog users as long as the image, more than 10 fans, more than 10 micro-blog number, you can create a micro group. Currently, the number of sina micro-blog users to create the upper limit of the number of groups is 3, the user can join up to 10 micro groups, the maximum number of each micro group is 500.

from the content of the degree of openness, Sina micro group is divided into open and private groups. Chat group can be seen in public, can be searched within the group, the user can freely choose whether will be synchronized to the contents of micro-blog open group, open free to join and join the audit group support two modes. In a private group, anyone can view group information, but only members can browse the contents of the group, while the contents of the group can not be synchronized to micro-blog.

released the latest data show that as of the end of October this year, Sina micro-blog has over 50 million users, but also explosive growth, and the rapid growth of users has also brought more demand, while the micro group is one of the important needs of users. Therefore, Sina micro-blog decided to develop the official version of micro group products, in terms of product experience to do a lot of innovative applications.

through the micro Sina group, micro-blog users can have the same hobby or aggregation with the same label friends formed a circle, all the topics and the corresponding all gather in the micro group, make like-minded friends to form more convenient for micro-blog’s participation and communication. At the same time, the user can choose in the group’s statement is synchronized to the individual micro-blog page, so to speak freely in the group without fear of being seen as "words".

for the majority of developers, China held the first micro-blog developer conference, let them see through the Sina micro-blog open platform business hope; launch micro group, provides a more independent and professional discussion environment for them, they can understand to the application requirements from where ordinary users of micro-blog, but also can carry out professional technical discussion and exchange of entrepreneurial in their micro group, which will make their application development and business become more efficient.

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