Talking about how to carry out the network precision marketing

facing the traditional market and the traditional marketing competition and limitations, especially after the financial crisis spread, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises in the taste of the electronic commerce have reaped the benefits of network marketing, some companies have even set up a special department of network marketing network promotion. However, many companies in the promotion, because there is no strong financial strength for long-term promotion and often have no effect to give up the network marketing. The reason is because they did not find the correct network marketing methods, can not be able to enterprise, product, service information passed to the precise needs of customers.

the most important thing is to carry out precision marketing, in order to get a larger network marketing results. Ten thousand kinds of precision marketing methods, the following zero brand planning on the basic two methods:

1, Q & a class, Wikipedia class, free information release marketing platform.

is a better way of precision marketing platform for answer, because the problem is often the questioner needs, direct answer, at least one to one precise transfer, in fact, behind many of the issues of concern to potential consumers, has become the object of information transmission precision, can become our target customers. The use of Q & a marketing in addition to a communication, the two communication, the three communication will have a significant effect of the word of mouth. Such as Haier, NOKIA’s mobile phone service quality, VANCL cost-effective, Amazon’s low price and so on the reputation of the transfer of reading. At present, the main questions platform Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, Sina, Soso Ask Iask etc..


class can be free of the display information of the company, do a basic information of the bedding, such as Baidu encyclopedia, search encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia become all knowledge dictionary". The free information release platform can expand the channels for users to understand the information.

2, professional e-commerce platform.

For example

B2B e-commerce platform, the domestic famous is HC, Alibaba, China manufacturing network, a lot of net and so on. Generally this kind of platform will have a professional web template to provide, and will provide 2 or 3 domain names. Because the same template will be used by many companies, so the setting of the page directly related to the image of the enterprise.

‘s home generally need to pay attention to the following points: good UEO, add the user to browse the site and attract layers, viscosity, so that the user can go to a deeper look; can reflect the strength of the company, the company focused on information; in addition to the content, page photograph needs to be consistent with the corporate culture, and with the beauty of the picture.

website content and information in a timely manner, do not let people have a sense of obsolescence, information to professional. Timely update the information to help promote the site.

website need to have timely communication tools or contact. So when the customer needs

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