How to evaluate the impact of micro blog marketing in micro blog marketing

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micro-blog micro-blog marketing concept marketing case, there are many, but the discussion of micro-blog marketing in rarely seen convincing evidence that micro-blog marketing picture or characteristics, not to mention the data analysis as a means or basis of. In fact, micro-blog platform is very suitable for data analysis, and the complexity and cost are not high. In this paper, the data analysis in micro-blog marketing can be used in a number of directions for a simple analysis, we hope to give some inspiration and thinking. In order to be more effective in the discussion, the micro-blog marketing in this article only refers to Sina micro-blog to carry out ordinary marketing activities.

1 to determine the target fans

micro-blog marketing needs to attract the active attention of target users, but to attract hundreds of millions of micro-blog users have value fans is not easy. Find it difficult to meet the marketing users even buy powder obtained by the lottery fans, because micro-blog fans the biggest feature is the object of interest, users are concerned about the interest, if micro-blog marketing doesn’t have much interest in the product or brand marketing, the marketing effect also can think. At the same time, as long as the right way to go, micro-blog fans this feature also makes it easier to attract the target user. In the method of data analysis, the establishment of the user’s interest map can help micro-blog marketing quickly identify the target user and carry out appropriate promotional activities. Set the so-called interest graph is the fans gender, age, region and major concern and a series of information, and the establishment of user interest spectrum the most simple way is to have the same target customers of micro-blog fans of enterprises. For a simplified example, A brand underwear brand wants to build user interest profile. The main users of the brand underwear is young, with the Durex, Adidas users have a high overlap. Through the analysis of Durex and Adidas’s official micro-blog fans, can set up the basic map of user interest the underwear brand.

2 determines the location of micro-blog


can be positioned in the market marketing promotion, customer service or public relations, but also to three jobs is very difficult, in the same micro-blog on the three position is more difficult. Because the focus of these three are very different. In simple terms, the market will focus on the publicity and marketing information in the target users to spread and as far as possible to maintain the user’s attention; customer service focus is to form the benign interaction between the user and the user guide for the first time or comfort; public relations is the focus of directly or indirectly obtain the initiative of public opinion. From the point of view of data analysis, the market focus on the effectiveness of forwarding, that is, the information in the target fans to get a large area of the forward and the fans in these partners caused two times / multiple forwarding. Customer service focus on interactive comments, that is, the user comments in the comments to make a quick response and rapid interaction, the focus is to reduce the number of negative comments. Public relations focuses on the monitoring of influence and identity, which requires more sophisticated data analysis tools

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