A network of people do not understand the nternet business opportunities

has an eye to his doctor, and he was absolutely ignorant of network, there is a good idea to build the network platform, to help more patients and related businesses, while providing an opportunity for its own system of organization! Knowing he a lot about the details of the website I think, without a sigh, do the Internet for 6 years, on the website of the thinking and ideas but not his.

he made a lot of "impossible" into "possible"! Can he succeed this time?

Dr. He Wei, President of

Shenyang, he heard a word: " eye industry will become one of the largest industries in twenty-first Century, because the media came to ";

indeed, in twenty-first Century, many of the environmental impact of our eyes, the Internet, the media, the natural environment, automotive, air conditioning and many other life events so that we are increasingly worried about their own eyes.

living standards improve, the disease rate of the eye has also increased, people on eye diseases: prevention, protection, treatment of the desire is also growing.

current: high school students myopia rate of more than 70%, 60-70 years old cataract incidence of more than 80%, while people’s love of the Internet, the demand for vision protection and treatment more.

Dr. He Wei’s words to remind all eye related enterprises, the future of the eye market will certainly play an important role in the economic market, the government will also attach great importance to the management of the ophthalmic industry.

! Last name: He Wei

duty: Shenyang He Eye Hospital – Dean

said: Kyushu University,, Professor, Postgraduate Tutor, chief physician


, President of the Institute of Ophthalmology, Dalian Medical University

Dean of School of Visual Sciences, Shenyang Medical College,

Shenyang Institute of Ophthalmology, director of

Chinese Academy of Ophthalmology

Chinese Private Hospital Management Association, vice chairman of

Chinese hospital management association director

the "Journal of Chinese Hospital Management Committee

deputy director of Ophthalmology


" of

Journal of Ophthalmology


" editorial board of Ophthalmology"

" of

China hospital


executive editorial board of Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology

international member of the Japan Society of Ophthalmology

international society of cataract and refractive surgery,

American Society of cataract refractive surgery international

international member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology

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