On the promotion of tourism network

from the Shanghai tourism network to accept now about 4 months time, in the four months the site from pr=0 to pr=4 at present, from 0 to more than and 600 now included pages, website access from 0 to 400-500ip of the average daily flow at present, own at this time today I feel very deep, the establishment and optimization of tourism website experience for everyone to share.

first point: analysis of the site’s market customers

just contact to the platform, the platform is mainly through the analysis of their sales of tourist routes, to provide personalized travel services for customers, and terminal customers are mainly in the Shanghai area, so in terms of the optimization do is precision marketing, rather than the other kind of webmaster do flow, the rest of the traffic can not great the effect on sales.

second site internal optimization

first through technical means, will be the original dynamic web site program to pure HTML page, of course, we all know why this is, I no longer detailed.

then added article system, the system in any website plays a big role, this role is SEO, and provide the original travel related articles, auxiliary line sales, of course, every original articles, provide a small flow for us, these flows are in Shanghai or other areas. Customers do transit tour through Shanghai.

further analysis of the site keywords

travel friends all know that this keyword tourism has much heat, but also through the online travel group of friends know, do the tourism industry Baidu keyword bidding, the final result is to spend money can not bring benefits, so as to the person in charge, the company’s proposal to our own to do SEO, then our keyword mainly in Shanghai tourism, as well as Related words, so that we can guarantee through the search engine to customers are concentrated in the Shanghai area, of course, the Shanghai tourism and other similar words, make us through customer survey of nearly three hundred or so, the fact that this is right, but we do not flow though the precise marketing, a single rate is also very high.

third to find high-quality links

or PR site in the early 0, few owners told us to go to the link, so this time, I will let the company’s marketing department, for our partners, so that we in a very short period of time to find a large number of high quality website PR basically in 4 or 5, by the Links. We got the first resources.

fourth original article

every day we insist on writing some of the original articles of the tourism industry, and now the site basically updated every day, of course, to adhere to this, in order to bring vitality to the site.

fifth high quality post

we have one day

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