Star lecturer Wang Ruixu entrepreneurship is the most taboo draw blueprint

in the past just in 2016, a large number of start-up companies in the capital fell in the winter, 90 entrepreneurs have become the focus of media attention. In a young entrepreneurs, part-time cat CEO Wang Ruixu is somewhat different, only 26 years old, he entered the Zhongnanhai, and Wang Junkai, and so on the common list of 2016 90 after the top ten outstanding youth in the year of.


27 year old Wang Ruixu is a sharing of young entrepreneurs, he often invited to all entrepreneurs entrepreneurship center and University one-on-one exchanges within three years, won the "Guangzhou youth entrepreneurship mentor" and "Guangzhou City 18 year old youth mentors" and many other said, entrepreneurship he is not only a young entrepreneur, or a hundred-percent youth entrepreneurship mentor.

Wang Ruixu, a part-time cat investor, angel angel venture capital fund founder Wu Shichun has publicly praised the practical work of the president, with his age does not match the maturity and stability of the

. How did he get these results when he was young?


University Wang Ruixu is very strict, for his four years, he won five scholarships, did stall, security model, leader of a variety of part-time. At the sight of the students around by the intermediary scam, Wang Ruixu found a part-time job market resembles the true pain point, aimed at the opportunity, the establishment of the Guangzhou nine Mdt InfoTech Ltd, and launched a part-time cat. Committed to providing safe and convenient part-time jobs for college students. Plum blossom angel, Shenzhen innovation Valley, VC investment in the tens of millions of venture capital. From a sentimental young students to CEO, in the transformation of entrepreneurship and social role, Wang Ruixu slowly accumulated rich experience.

more than three years of entrepreneurial process, Wang Ruixu claimed to have stepped on a lot of pits, but also gradually accumulated a lot of their own unique entrepreneurial experience. As a young business mentor, he made it clear that the most taboo is to draw a blueprint, do not do practical things. Many companies have high expectations of success, but ignore the reality of work. When the entrepreneurial environment is not very good, it will naturally be eliminated. Entrepreneurship is inherently uncertain. The enterprise should be rational analysis of market and target customers, develop long-term rational planning, at every step of the way."

as a business manager, Wang Ruixu with its flexible business acumen and strong management skills, the nine science and technology into the valuation of over 500 million of private enterprises. In the enterprise and employee training has rich experience of him, to the college students’ employment guidance, and many enterprises with the boss’s attitude is not the same, often according to the actual situation of the industry, to help students analyze the use of concept and skill requirements of enterprises.

"I just graduated a few years, very clear of the contemporary college students puzzled and confused, hope that through their own personal experience, to help more students going into the community, a small garden path the wrong way, better business and employment" Wang Ruixu said.


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