Value 100 and the value of the difference between the 1 million ad you understand

an ad can be worth 1 million?

don’t TM funny!!!……"

, Sao, let’s look at a story:

one day in early twentieth Century the United States Ford Motor Co a motor is out of order, almost the entire workshop can work, the production line each stop for a minute, means high loss, the company repeated maintenance, and invited many experts to examine, how can also repair bad.

later, they asked physicists, motor expert Stan Maenz help Stan Maenz to a mat on the motor side, listening attentively to the 3 day, finally in a position of motor with chalk and drew a line, wrote "here more than 16 laps around the coil." And then the production line was repaired.

Ford manager asked Stan Maenz how much money, Stan Maenz said: "not much, only $10 thousand. 10 thousand dollars, this is an ordinary staff of more than 100 years of total income!

Stan Maenz saw everyone turned a very much puzzled, Bill: draw a line, $1; know where to draw the line, $9999.

above the bowl of chicken soup illustrates a truth, a lot of seemingly simple things, in fact, is not easy."

advertising language is such a thing, it seems to be very simple, is a word composed of a few words, but it is hidden behind the brand strategy and consumer psychology accurate grasp, this is very difficult!

is the classic advertising language is "strategic advertising language", look good but no practical effect of the advertising language is "vase advertising language". Vase type advertising language value of 100 yuan, good strategic advertising language value of 1 million.


is also positioning high-end watches,

this is the value of 100 yuan advertising language:

"noble temperament, extraordinary taste"


this is a 1 million ad:

no one can own Patek Philippe, just for the next generation custody.




that’s the difference!

surface is only a copy of the level of difference, in fact, the difference between the brand strategy and the degree of user psychology, the difference, the effect can be not only a million.

guess which of these ads are strategic advertising?

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