Small width am the most crazy network irrigation

removed from the Internet for a long time, but also the rapid development of network, these days a lot of friends will know small width to small width to ask a question, is the most important information in the network marketing industry has also been released, a friend called irrigation. Today is so small that the width of the Strike while the iron is hot. irrigation.

network marketing, no matter what you say is good, the most important information is not done is no good, industry friends network marketing is the most cattle that are soaked in N jar filled with countless of the pseudo AD post was born, so small a wide experience, we must first learn to do network marketing of irrigation water. Do not know what the so-called training students in training students teach students how to achieve the effect of irrigation. Small width of their years of experience to write a simple reference for everyone to study.

first: collection of resources. Internet resources: forums, blogs, news sites, portals, e-commerce platform, message board, etc. all need to collect the days and months multiplying not done, the Internet people do not know these resources is you speak of capital. The higher the quality of resources, the harder your capital, the right to speak. We can understand why the small width of the network marketing resources to do is the first focus.

second: resource registration. This problem is a lot of friends have asked the little wide problem, but the problem is the best solution to the problem of registered resources we all know is a very tedious work, but use tools, you can do the public. Small width here to recommend those who do network marketing friends to try to roam, century window browser. These will give you a good time to save time. Second key.

third: AD camouflage. Don’t get so much information resources is certainly want their company or product information exposure to everyone, then you want to go to these places to publish this information, have a lot of resources are the administrator of the Internet, causing confusion AD post%90 platform have all over the sky, but with the development of the Internet has three party purification. Then do some pure AD information is not great, so AD camouflage, AD is to pretend to be a common information and let others see the article with AD factors, can also use a good article with AD, also is the soft. These will not be managed spike, may also be reproduced in the Internet wantonly spread. Small width will be ranked third key.

fourth: information maintenance. This can be said to be noticed now network marketing personnel%99 not, either soft or AD post, everyone in the release after it is no longer to take care of this post and this information can achieve the expected effect, or is this information can last long, how to maintain to make it a greater benefit for you. This thing we should pay attention to, but now lies in a lot of marketing staff and the task is not very heavy emphasis on this, it can be understood. Importance fourth.

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