Micro blog is more suitable than the push for drainage is more suitable for network marketing


In this paper,

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double 11 black Friday, is a Sino US electricity supplier feast. They are brought to the electricity supplier with plenty of traffic and turnover, but more attractive to the author, but it is a group of comparative data:

according to IBM Benchmark data show that black Friday day, the U.S. electricity supplier from Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites accounted for only 0.34% of the total transaction volume, slightly lower than last year’s 0.53%. In weekdays, this proportion is only 0.63%. From the traffic point of view, the social networking site in black on Friday contributed 0.81% of the electricity supplier, last year was 0.92%, weekdays for the 0.95%.

contrast domestic, Hitwise data show that about 2.5% of Taobao’s visit comes from Sina micro-blog, mogujie.com and more than doubled the beauty said. In October this year, Sina micro-blog to go to the electricity supplier and local class site traffic accounted for 8.6% of the downstream flow, of which Taobao Tmall accounted for about $3.7%.

so, an interesting topic arises: as Twitter followers / Sina micro-blog imitator, is how to do to the electricity supplier and drainage than Twitter better? Sina micro-blog has a secret of what kind of products? Is the endogenous nature of the decision? Or the impact of the external environment to play more the role of

?External effects of



mentioned micro-blog and Twitter drainage, will have to discuss its externalities. Because, only when they develop to a certain stage, in order to have an impact on the outside world, but also to further other sites, including the electricity supplier, including drainage.

clear the logic, we can find that the Internet in the development process is also constantly produce externalities, an important performance is that the behavior of consumers in the ongoing subversion.

first stage: the traditional AIDMA mode to AISAS mode transition; performance into second stages: from AISAS gradually transition to SICAS; SICAS proposed by DCCI Internet data center, five letters represent the brand perception (Sense), users are interested in – formation interaction (Interest & Interactive) establish, user and brand – business connections – interactive communication (Connect, & Communication) – > production action

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