Station to station thousands of P is not a dream

simple, she open is a professional women’s website, collecting information and shopping platforms, to create beautiful, fashion, smart, confident and healthy women in the new era.

she is a new open site, it can quickly gain a foothold, traffic is steadily increasing, the content is king, but far more than this.

will look at a few points:


1) Yes, content is king. There is no rich content, can not attract visitors floating on the internet. Content needs to be rich, more original. Of course, small and medium-sized owners can exercise the unspoken rules, even if the portal is also so. At the same time, the key word should also pay attention to, pay attention to deliberately.

2) excellent domain name. The car a beautiful card, phone number, the number of the Internet without reason does not need to be unique. Her beauty nets domain name is a word containing SHE have great originality, and MM, the women’s website domain name almost second to none. It obviously from visiting classification, direct input is the domain name! What is more, the domain name age long, began in the last century, GOOGLE and Baidu will undoubtedly give a reminder.

3) the chain must not. Because it is a regular station, even new site exchange links is also in a continuous line. More than the chain, the benefits do not have to say.

4) station. Of course, if the new site can rely on the old site, sharing traffic is obvious, and enhance the weight is inevitable. Relying on the powerful force of excellent service in network, the rapid rise of us she is not without reason.

5) popularity activation. She works at the beginning of the US Open, need to gather popularity, add some advertising, how much is a league flow of interests. People like clusters, stores need to make the group, you is not alone. Some of these traffic quality is not high, but there is always an effective flow, which is no doubt. Need to be reminded that those purely in order to enhance the amount of IP and PV trick do not play.

6) targeting women. Since the site as a woman, naturally aimed at women’s needs. No matter from the content to the service, should consider the psychology of female. From the appearance of the dress, to the inner calm, it is necessary to break one by one. She also sought to us based on the.

7) deep behind enemy lines. If she open and Tiexue befriend, nature is more than a friend, but if I could be with or fashion nets, then the effect is made of a group of friends. Moreover, this is much more than the Microsoft brother to dig a corner of the gentleman. As for how to befriend, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea recount.

8) strong promotion. Speculation can be overnight, cheek do not. Such as mass mail, BBS group, QQ mass, blog know not push not. If the manufacture of the events, it is the best policy. She is working in the u.s…….


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