How fool play Okamoto Uber crossover joint marketing tricks


2016 fool’s day once again by marketing companies burst fancy brush circle of friends, cross-border international brands Okamoto joint Uber highlights the most, with a "pretend couple" H5 game fun circle of friends of the spread of the virus, especially the most widely spread in 80, 90 users group. In the company of science and technology will focus on good April PR (Gong) Italy (Ji) play (DUI) smile (Shou) when Okamoto and Uber according to the characteristics of China Internet users played cards warmth, obtained by surprise effect, the essence of which is worth exploring the road of brand Chinese enterprise learning. In this regard, focuses on the analysis of the case highlights and creative mind, how the two companies did not take the exploration of the reasons behind the explosion of the circle of friends do brush.

Okamoto +Uber=


this is a Western holiday, came to the national Chinese shy, has created numerous independent vassal pleasures. In addition to spoof, molested elements, fool’s day has become many people say one day, under the guise of April Fool’s Day confession became a landscape. 2012 mobile phone QQ space to do a questionnaire on the end of April Fool’s day, how do you want to do it, 60% of the non – single people want to be the lover’s confession, the 57% southerners want to be spoof…… The special investigation report on "delight in the special character of national.

fool’s day has undoubtedly become a fool, many ordinary people who repress their emotions, on this day with "a" chance to say nonsense. Is to seize this feature, a combination of Okamoto +Uber is very interesting. Do something to make a safe car. With Okamoto’s "pretend couple" H5 small game test, then play Uber together have a woolly holiday, seems to have become the choice of many young people.

Young people at

festival in pain point, Okamoto joint Uber marketing get by surprise effect, from the circle of friends forwarding heat, pretend couple H5 game participation is very high, from the virus propagation characteristics of popular circle of friends game national ranking, and easy game set, to the user through the name of the game is to share the ambiguous TA, I do not know Low marketing means more than by April Fool’s Day "black" opponent wise how many times.

is the international brand Okamoto and Uber in their own way Chinese education enterprise, PR do interesting than black (MO) and dark (HEI) material (DUI) and (Shou) can obtain the user’s favorite, more easy to form the spread of the virus, and is based on the positive energy for the endorsement of the brand value. To this end, we count the most important created countless classic case of cross-border marketing Uber fun five fancy, for practitioners of learning, let the world become more interesting PR rather than black to black out.

brand fun cross marketing five fancy

first type: double joint marketing of the brand

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