General Secretary Xi eat dumplings to see network marketing

recently circulated on the Internet a group photo of General Secretary Xi queuing bun event in Qingfeng baozi Pu, the pictures spread quickly on the Internet, according to news reports that many people are queuing to buy steamed buns, and the General Secretary Xi food package is hot, this "Qingfeng baozi Pu" because the General Secretary Xi to become the more prosperous, this event gives some marketing inspiration, sponge foam factory together with the webmaster.

first, social hot spots


network is not lack of hot news, may seem unremarkable in the event that you bring, benefit is indeed very large, the network marketing is very good and the current context by combining the General Secretary Xi is always concerned about the issue of people’s diet, which is why so popular Qingfeng baozi pu.

second, multi role participation in

People have seen

General Secretary Xi bun pictures, are not difficult to find, then the presence of attendants, children, people, this scene shocked the people, different roles have expressed different views, the waiter said very surprised, how General Secretary Xi will appear, that is really tall children tall, these characters make it look more plump, is the single most taboo of network marketing.

third, establish brand image

is Beijing Qingfeng baozi time-honored shops, the main business is Steven Gerrard and chaogan, by the people of Beijing and some foreign people favor, General Secretary Xi was saying, now how do chaogan than before thick, this sentence tell us a truth of General Secretary Xi is not the first time to eat chaogan network marketing, tell a truth, good products must be the cornerstone of the brand miracle.

fourth, network marketing core

core network marketing is "people" is the core of the Baozipu General Secretary Xi, the revered leaders brought no small gain to Qingfeng buns this incident tells us that consumers are the person that the product itself does not have any value of network communication, bring value and people, the why is the product spokesman general merchants are willing to choose a star.

fifth, good user experience

now is the era of the network, whether you are engaged in what industry businesses, have to value the experience, to determine their own service groups, enterprises do not pass small experience, enterprises can have some experience, to make a better understanding of characteristics of the product, such as supermarkets often have food tasting area, a this is the means of marketing.


General Secretary Xi Qingfeng to line up to eat dumplings, attracted the attention of many people, but also give people some inspiration, as well as in network marketing, marketing personnel must seize the key, from the five aspects above to do marketing plan.

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