Baidu talk about foreign space

The first time I published an article at

in stationmaster net.

has done a few successful garbage station, there are two IP on the top of the (master not to laugh) 20 thousand. Use of the domestic space.


from this station (, with the DH space (no purchase of independent IP). The contents of the collection are also manual. After the first day of the station did not go to the search submitted, but registered a few blog made a little connection, the second day to continue the blog connection is also in Baidu space, but also to do a few links, but still not included.

third days Google included Baidu is still empty, until the evening can not help but submitted to Baidu. Fourth days site is a direct search included a page 0. After a period of time is only included home page, but Baidu spider to. There is no normal collection.

I think DH may be due to foreign space extremely cheap a lot of garbage station including pornography are in use, and their space is over sales, a server may have thousands of sites and most station does not have a very high quality. Baidu has led to excessive review.

I want to do the dumpster to rely on search traffic, should know that Baidu and Google are not a heavyweight, I feel Baidu basically decided a new station of life and death (except


I think most of the owners like the low price of foreign space, but if you want to use it or to consider the advantages and disadvantages of the purchase. And the speed is very slow, but also very unstable, there may be closed IP, CPU occupancy and other issues (real feelings).

After all,

website is a very hard thing. Don’t waste our energy on saving some money!

above is just my opinion

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