Why can do effective marketing soft text marketing effect

today, the Internet is no longer more than and 10 years ago can only look at the pictures and text, but a large collection of rich content cover and contain everything, among them, have already begun to spread information instead of newspapers, television, radio and other traditional way. Therefore, more and more people choose the Internet, in the Internet promotion effect is more and more awesome.

in the face of so much publicity platform, many traditional companies began to build the network brand ready to use the Internet. In the face of so many ways to promote, often let them find clues. A night today I recommend a method of their own experience: soft marketing. How to make good use of soft Wen marketing for traditional enterprises to promote the brand? It compared with the traditional way of publicity what advantage?.

a, soft marketing has a more detailed interpretation of

traditional hard advertising, is a very direct product or brand publicity, through newspapers, magazines, television, radio, the traditional four media to see the impact of the impact of the advertising effect. Just a few seconds of advertising that kind of eye-catching effect naturally has a strong lethality. However, due to too direct, commercial nature is too strong, not very good publicity brand characteristics, and sometimes the effect is not very good. The soft Wen marketing is just the opposite, it is not as hard advertising has such an explosive force, it is often covert propaganda, quietly. There is a silent, listen to the silent thunder, to the target audience easily accepted by consumers and consumers in the cut heart, often intensive local soft education, impress consumers, and ultimately promote the consumption behavior of a kind of "soft" marketing tool. It is often very readable, can be their own brand characteristics show the most incisive, attracting large quantities of users to read, which concealed the brand elements, are often unable to perceive, imperceptibly has the enterprise brand reputation is embedded in the hearts of readers. If the advertising is hard with the amazing power of artillery missiles, giving the opponent hit. So marketing is the rain pear pin, kills.

two, soft marketing more money, more efficient

hard advertising has a very big characteristic, is the need for high advertising costs. Often a need to invest hundreds of thousands or even millions, and the appearance of time in the traditional media is generally just a few seconds of that period of time. The marketing is just the opposite, it must pay the investment is quite low, generally requires a written royalties, high traffic platform release cost, need better effect sometimes need to be creative. If you will use some free publicity platform, the cost is less. Coupled with the current Internet has greatly replaced the trend of television, newspapers, brand awareness on the Internet has become better and better. But from this point of view, the price of soft Wen marketing has been far more than hard advertising, it is worth a try for traditional enterprises.

three, soft marketing can seize the minds of consumers

in contact with the soft marketing in the past few years, through thousands of

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