A start up company lost tens of millions of years is not fresh these money gone

cheap takeout, Manicure, car…… Finally someone will pay

in 2016 after the Spring Festival the first week, Manicure was 58 home purchase dudu.

the company was founded in June 2014 once claimed to do "home Manicure industry first, and get two financing in the short life of a year and a half, a total of tens of millions of dollars.

and the company said it was selling only 2 million yuan. Although the acquirer said the actual price is far beyond, but not willing to publish the actual price.

in more than a year, Dudu Manicure burned tens of millions of yuan ultimately.

and such a number, put in the recent popular Internet venture business has not been too scary.

"we are in a state of profitability in the United States, but in China a year lost $1 billion." Uber CEO Travis · kalannie said last week in an activity.

has seen many tens of millions, hundreds of millions or even billions of disappear within one or two years the story, most people have their generation may not be able to earn the number used.

but how did the money burn out,


Manicure toot most of the money into all kinds of discount of


is a Manicure division in Chengdu, before December 2014 in Manicure toot orders, she opened a shop Manicure.

"Manicure shop is a very hard thing, the family feel too hard, do not support me to do it, I want to go to Xinjiang and her husband remote end." Xiao Lu told curiosity daily.

In fact, the first choice is not Manicure toot and the addition of

, but due to a clerical work in his Manicure friend was going to Xinjiang the development and decided to stay in Chengdu.

"at that time, a few months will celebrate the new year, wish to stay in Xinjiang for long before going back to Sichuan for the Spring Festival, just a few months to do besides dudu." The recalled that a few months has just joined the Manicure platform, the deepest impression or income.

, the company has just set up the two or three months, more than one day to get more than 2000 yuan a day to do a full list of the single, the 5 have a reward, I can do most of the day of the more than and 20 single. Every day about seven or eight points to go out, one day, even when the meal did not have time to eat, at eleven in the evening after getting home to drink water to eat something."

platform toot the cheapest service is 80 yuan a single, even if only the basis of hand care, also need half an hour to forty minutes. If it is fine Manicure style, the price also will be different.

The same as

and Manicure division want how much work you can pick how much is on the open to the user > Dudu

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