Li Xinrong how to improve the readability of advertising mail

most of the time we are necessary to use advertising mail in the form of promotional products or website, but every day we are faced with a lot of spam, believe that when you see advertising mail believe the first reaction is deleted or blacklist. Of course, your clients will also be the case, then how can we change the user view to send you spam? In fact, as long as we put the mail editor to not like spam, it did not go? (Note: This article by Li Xin Rong (formerly: warm ice) please keep the original.


first step: mail Title

users first saw the title of the mail, so we just need to get the title write better, let the user at first glance attracted the attention of users, let others have a desire to click, that is the first step of success.

second step: mail content

Whether we want to edit

mail or e-books, we want to take the user as the protagonist, write "after" and "result", let users feel a "independent" space, with beautiful pictures and valuable information, and make people feel bored will not mail but also a final note, it is like a comic and TV dramas, leave the user with a feeling of suspense, so when the next time to receive such a message, attention and attention of others will double.

third step: positioning customer

The main content of the

mail are well positioned, we should locate the customer base. After all, people in the machinery industry does not necessarily need or like agricultural information or information, then we need to make a general positioning of the user group. For example, the machinery industry can go to a number of mechanical web site to collect user mail, agricultural information can be collected to the user’s e-mail, such as agricultural websites. Let our mail can be more accurate to the user’s e-mail, increase the user’s browser, so you can simply improve our accuracy and efficiency.

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