Enterprise website marketing strategy is gradual or great leap forward

At present,

enterprises enthusiasm for building a web site is unprecedented, especially in the Internet thinking under the guidance of great potential for more and more enterprises begin to realize that the Internet has, so have started the construction site, and the site after the successful construction, immediately began a massive publicity, so that the site traffic achieved unprecedented high, for such a situation is a good thing or a bad thing, created a lot of controversy in the website optimization circle.

This is the focus of the

controversy once the site traffic soared, then Baidu will conduct strict management of these sites, analysis of these sites is not the existence of the possibility of cheating, and in the process, often the site is Baidu into Baidu inside the box, and a short time from the site’s ranking will disappear. In this regard, I believe that this fear is not necessary, in the construction of traffic or to follow the great leap forward thought, because this is the basis for the operation of the site.

first, corporate website drainage to follow the principle of diversification. Now for the enterprise website, in addition to enhance the website ranking on Baidu, but also through other means of diversification to improve web traffic, for enterprise website, flow competition intensified, traffic can only occupy the high ground, caught in the process of competition opportunities, which is why Alibaba in traffic the war for investment not hesitate, this is also a key factor in the Alibaba on the Internet platform for success.

enterprise is currently the main drainage method in addition to SEO optimization, but also through the network promotion, such as Baidu PPC, advertising in other large portals, or by hiring a Navy post and other traditional methods, which can quickly make website popularity on the Internet, to know the change of enterprise survival website ranking the Baidu is not short, but the degree of website brand, only to enhance the degree of brand, so even if it’s not, in a short period of time or even lower, then don’t worry about the situation, and can also bid by Baidu to occupy the Baidu home page.

when the site traffic began to gradually stabilize, then began to engage in the website optimization work, this work not only to search engine optimization, but also the needs of users is optimized, because a lot of investment before the site began to have a certain visibility, but the need to invest a lot of money. If you have been so put down conversion site traffic rate is not high, so the sustainable business website will be limited, you need to gradually reduce the SEO optimization to advertising, the use of Baidu ranking to stimulate traffic growth.

but by this method of operation of the great leap forward, the enterprise website must pay attention to a serious problem, it is not easy to flow to flow and flow, but in the great leap forward before, must do the basic work site, do practical, so come to the net station traffic can have a higher conversion rate. And, with the possibility of viral marketing flow. > 1000

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