Blog promotion to date into the tens of thousands of P perhaps into zero P

      blog is webmaster promotion website and enterprise marketing is one of the important means, if the effective use of blog to do promotion, is also a lot of people like me are looking for answers. Day into the tens of thousands of IP, this is what I see others say, I did not do. However, I would like to do a good job is possible, take this title belongs to the title of the party, ha ha. Here on my blog to promote the website of a little experience and we discuss. Good is satisfied, is not good, please tell me what a smile.

      search Google found that many articles online is to say how to promote their own blog, but found that the use of blog to promote the site is not much. Just write a few words.

      much less open sperm

      Web site promotion is not to search engine more frequent search to your site? Website promotion is not to allow more users to see your site links? This can not say that there is no reason, but it can not be too believe in this theory, or else it would be better to buy a mass software, mass garbage. My view is not everywhere blogging, I have opened countless blog, used to their own website promotion, this thought more, I wish the whole world is on the Internet URL. Unfortunately, the blog basically did not play any effect, already drowned in the blog go forward with great strength and vigour in the army.

      why not necessary around the blog? You don’t have time to take care of, only by the blog post a few articles basically nothing effect. The main attraction of the blog is a long and lasting introduction of new content, most of my blog is just opened it will paste up a few articles, a few weeks to see, there will be no browsing. You will say, I will go to the regular update. If you are in a different site, opened more than 10 blog, you want to take care of, it is cheating. Again, the same post posted, people are bored to death. Ha-ha。

      how to reasonably establish their own promotion blog?

      1) according to the content of your website, analyze the user of your website all in there? Sina blog popularity is the most prosperous, but if you are a business type website, it might as well choose Alibaba. If you are engaged in IT, CSDN I see is also good; if it is the nature of other industries are relatively strong site, you can choose which industry portal website to open a blog. Only such a choice to be closer to the user groups of your site, it is easier to attract people to your site.

      2) blog is the way to write a diary

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