New sites Wenger luggage online line was a month of plagiarism

September 8th I went to the Wenger bag nets, the station was collected after half a month, has been ranked in the home page, you can search, now Wenger Swiss Army knife rod box "is very stable in Baidu second, the other two " the Swiss Army knife package " and" Wenger Swiss Army knife also were ranked in the Baidu second and fourth, Baidu updated daily snapshot.

however, on the evening of October 7th, accidentally discovered a day was included in the new station completely pirated, copied the Wenger luggage network. From the idea to the choice of keywords, from site Logo to the contents of the article, even to the chain are all copied Wenger bags, especially nauseatingly is the station of the Wenger luggage net word does not change all copying down, title and text word, simply to get rid of all links.

below will give evidence to prove its Plagiarism:

A. domain name:

Wenger bag network domain name is Copy of the domain name is used to change the bag to bao. One letter difference.

B. keyword:

Wenger keywords bags is " the Swiss Army knife, Wenger Swiss Army knife rod box, Wenger ", the Swiss Army knife; copying station also chooses the corresponding word.

C. included history.

please from "" to view the collection of Wenger case network. As can be seen, Wenger luggage network since September 8th on-line, on September 9th Google included, was included in Baidu in September 23rd.


in the appropriate way to view the collection of plagiarism station. You can see that plagiarism station October 7th Baidu included, since the number has been included 1.


D.Logo contrast.

look at the results of the, Wenger luggage network has two articles are included in the September No. more than and 20.


from one of the articles, you can see the Wenger bag network was logo has been used UTC.


please see the copy of the home page logo.


E, article plagiarism.

first look at one of the plagiarism. From pictures >

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