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soft text of the target content is mainly through the soft text to reflect, it is the introduction of goods, establish the image of the consumer goods and promote the role of the purchase. Advertising text has different forms in different media. In print advertising, text to text, said composition in the draft; broadcast advertising, text to narrative language, called script; in television advertising, text to picture language combined with the activities described, called storyboards; in the real advertising, to narrate the text with commercial entities, as an illustration. The main function of the text is to describe and report the information content of the advertisement.

writing soft text, the first to have ideas. Generally speaking, there are three aspects for reference:

first, in line with the facts, that is, in the direction of fully consistent with the facts. This method is the easiest, as long as the commodity name, specifications, performance, price, quality, characteristics and telephone, address can be.

second, persuasion, that is, according to the direction of persuasion. To the interests of consumers can get the premise, to persuade them to buy. The techniques of persuasion are comparative law, proof method and warning method. This kind of advertising can also be referred to as the rational demands of the text.

third, emotional, that is, the direction of the feelings of the idea. Emotional words can move the consumer to make a purchase. This paper pays attention to advertising words between the lines full of beautiful, touching strength, is emotional appeal.

these three ideas can be used alternately. If a series of ads will be used in turn in three aspects, will receive colorful results.

soft text writing skills are diverse. In writing soft text, in addition to be familiar with the performance, written by the commodity to grasp the psychological needs of consumers, understand the market trend and so on, but also grasp the following points:

1 highlights

soft Wen should have a clear theme, in addition to highlighting the theme of the subject in the title, but also should focus on the theme of the text. The theme is the focus of an advertisement, the central meaning. An advertisement can only have one theme. The main body of the advertisement should not avoid the complicated and disorderly, what is put together, so it is not only difficult to highlight the theme, but may cause other people’s antipathy. Of course, if you want to reflect the theme of different aspects, can be taken to write small of the title of the article, paragraphs, make clear context properly and logically arranged.

general advertising text has its writing mode, that is, the beginning, the middle and the end of the points, in order to start, and often with the title narrative method to describe. The advantage of this method is that the title has been highlighted the theme of the soft, easy around the theme of the paper. Generally speaking, because of the need of information memory, it is often the most important information at the beginning and the end of the advertisement.

2 easy to understand

soft text should be concise and to the point, no nonsense. The length of the advertisement is determined according to the content

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