Study on enterprise network marketing 2 to feel the pulse of the enterprise network marketing

I have an article to illustrate my point of view, in today’s information age enterprise network marketing mean if you give up. But many companies spent a lot of money and resources under the condition of no harvest on the Internet, they start to feel confused, have been questioned on the Internet! What is the reason for these enterprises nothing? All of us together for these enterprises to take my pulse, here an example of Nanjing sports engineering company to analyze for everyone!

in this company I didn’t give them before planning, he tried a lot of methods such as network marketing website version had changed, Baidu, Google money again and again for himself, but also added a lot of industry website effect is not ideal. They also believe that the network marketing is the future trend, but can not find the reason, please I do for their planning, I will step by step for them to analyze the final network sales ratio reached 40% of the total turnover.

first of all, from the most basic of their corporate Web site, I found the site to do like a knowledge popularization station rather than enterprise sales station. I called the company’s technology slightly revised them website project description page, they removed the details of specific parameters of text, but in the beginning let them use bold text of this company is doing what works, what are the advantages of this project (authority and price advantage) what has been done for the successful case which companies (in case the picture should pay attention to a small detail is the best point according with company logo, increase the quasi customers trust). Modify project content page, I called technology plus contact us QQ page in a floating box, for customers to contact us, let the whole website and our prospective customers interact together.

then from his Baidu keyword advertising with Baidu, he found money quickly, but the effect is not good telephone consultation is not much, I was very puzzled, the point is his key why few calls it, I’ll put the plugin on their website statistics (now this free plugin is everywhere such as 51yes, cnzz etc.) and then through several days of observation, I found a very funny thing, many people search irrelevant keywords can enter his website and BAIDU also put these words to him click the key word click on the inside, I suddenly remembered that Baidu has a function of intelligent matching, is if you use this function, if you set the customer search keywords and Related words, your site will appear in his hot zone (Baidu, if the customer is right) Click in your original keywords charges (such as your keyword is "tennis" you select the smart match, the customer search for "Prince of tennis", your site will appear in the BAIDU on the right, if the customer clicks, the BAIDU also by the "tennis" auction fees), found the problem I asked the company to his BAIDU password back immediately, then a word, he found that most of the words are by default, the intelligent function >

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