Don’t criticize startups

a few weeks ago, a social Peach called App in the apple store shelves. It is not only popular in the sky when Twitter was released, even by a large number of media reports, TechCrunch and BuzzFeed have added to it (but appreciated BuzzFeed’s comments that they have the money to advertise the suspect). Usually the two reports on App are more neutral, so it makes me a little curious.


has been in the social disaster caused by flooding water App today, the diversity of products is the most important value proposition. For example, Telegram Messenger with highly secure encryption as a selling point. So what is the selling point of Peach is obviously the "Magic Words" (Magic text), a way to trigger the relevant action by keyword. Magic text and command line interface implementation of the same principle. A NYMag article detailed analysis of the future trend of CLI. Nerd love CLIs, so you know, this product is smart people do it!


Hacker News thread on the NYMag comment on this article is very interesting. User Jobu commented that the magic text and Slack is a bit like, allowing users to send "/" command (also reflects the differences of social App). Another user pbreit reply:

you got it all wrong. First, Slack is a social networking platform, Peach is a private social software. Before you think that one thing is not "x+y", you have to think about what the product designer wants to achieve and how to achieve it.

Peach and so on, don’t do users have to read minds? Do not understand the purpose of Peach

is a fool?

another user thwarted reply:

if the design and launch products people want to succeed, they more clearly how people will use their products, who is their target customers, rather than allow people to "understand" what they want to do, how to do.

user pbreit reply:

"figure it out" – you should also realize that you are referring to a handful of people who can really make very successful products.

before I mentioned Peach from Vine and Byte founder Dom Hofmann hand. Vine on the line before being acquired by Twitter. Yes, if a founder had had a successful venture

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