Shop promotion tips 15 of the most practical way

with the development of electronic commerce, open shop seems to have become a popular, there are numerous shop every day, but the operation of the shop is not an easy thing, in addition to honesty and hard work, we need to know is how to promote our shop. I also often with a lot of friends shop to discuss the promotion of the shop, quite experience, here to share with you.

on the shop I summed up the promotion of the 15 methods, here we introduce in detail, I hope to set up a friend, especially the novice can help.

1, signature file. After the opening of the shop, the tourists come from? Post in the forum, is a practical and affordable approach. In the post at the same time, remember to put his name of the signature, a shop or the introduction of link, set the signature in all your mailbox, your shop is put on the address, and then describe in words. So, when you are writing to someone else, then send out advertising.

2, links. After a period of time the store opened, you can contact with other people’s shops, exchange links. Through the exchange of links, the formation of a small network, can enhance the influence of each other. Try to choose and you are not the same category, on the one hand there is no competition, on the other hand, can also be good to promote each other.

3, joint promotion. Simple links, the role is limited. And if a few sellers cooperation, engage in joint promotion can play a different effect. As far as possible to find complementary nature of the shop. Such as photography books monopoly and digital camera store cooperation.

4, learn to seize every opportunity to promote. Some buyers love to use the way to buy, then you can go to see more to buy the market, regardless of where to see other people buy things, you just sell a type, so can give each other a message or send a messenger.

5, be a careful person, take part in activities. Many C2C sites do not regularly will have some promotional activities, to find these related activities, pay more attention to the latest trends, strive to make good use of these activities, such as: essay, bazaar, you can sponsor prizes, or donations, let more people know you.

6, join us. There are many benefits to meet many sellers, the leader will organize a party or training exchanges, help to improve their visibility is also very.

7, the use of some shopping forum. For example, I love discount nets, marriage community, their own shops information in it, will bring no small flow


8, the use of comparative shopping sites. Comparison shopping, online shop, it is a chance to display his commodity information platform, the website increases the comparison function and vertical search technology comparison shopping, can let our commodities increase exposure opportunities, and we need to do, just submit the relevant product information on our list of stores on the OK to these sites.

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