On how to promote the regional strong website

This paper mainly about the

service site some of an area how to do network promotion. Here with a case about. We are doing the wedding photography industry, did not like some national chain enterprises to serve the people of the whole country. Our service object is the range of personnel, so we mainly take in network promotion is targeted relatively strong in this city some network media up to promote.

1: special industry combined with the promotion of forum website. We choose some strong entertainment, will often send some theme promotion signs the son in this city the most influential websites to attract users to enter their own website, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing.

2 classification of interest: the same as the forum. The choice of the most prominent of several categories of information network, the company registered its own information and services, such as.

3 industry website: the industry website to send some product information, etc. the advantages of the industry website is that each visit to the Internet users have a purpose to browse the information they need.

4 blog: blog is mainly for SEO services, to improve the site’s ranking index.

5.SEO: keyword selection should be based on the local name plus the characteristics of the industry as well. This choice of keywords competitiveness is small, easy to get better ranking.

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