Sharing experience to build new sites to build Baidu 24 hours included


a new web site needs to prepare a lot on the line before and after the choice of the domain name, website server selection, the nature of the site location and site of how profitable these are in the front to consider, is linked, if the domain name registration money does not put these ideas, the site will eventually face more the problem of serious will be closed until.

to tell me about the establishment of a new station to share some experience, from the idea of the site to register the domain name – the site for the record – Web site – site settings – site promotion:

, domain name registration, I chose the.Com domain, and is the four, convenient for the user to remember domain name, also includes the description of the website, allowing users to know at a glance the domain name is what type of website, what can be done in this website, let the user left a deep impression


two, the site for the record, now the site for the record is very strict, but as long as you do not violate the national normal station, and the Internet can specification by the record, my domain name is registered in October 8, 2011, the day I let the server suppliers help me submitted to the Ministry of information site for the record, because I have the website for the record so, it is convenient, in October 12, 2011 I received two emails for the record filing passed, I spent 3 days to the time, should be smooth, I began to build a website at


three, the website set up, actually before I had a spare domain name to the overall site erection almost, only needs to modify the database inside the site, for now the domain name for the website program I choose is PHP+mysql, one of which is now the most popular, with a time of 1 hours the whole site are set up, including website title, keywords, description is done, click here to say, don’t stack keywords too much, otherwise it will be search engine punishment, I began the new promotion work;

four, website promotion, website promotion is a very hard work, but also to continue to have a significant effect, do not stand a day for two days, but a day now, for network promotion methods but the effect would be too many to count, there are very different, the whole is about the same, I to introduce a new station on the line 24 hours after it successfully collected by Baidu experience:

directory login, Links exchange platform, blog promotion, webmaster website promotion of soft paper, and the same type of site exchange links; in fact, website promotion is very simple, it is to let the user know your website and search engine, website promotion is divided into two kinds, one is for another search engine. Is for Internet users.

1, classification catalog promotion: because I have a number of operations in the hands of the site, which has 2 classified directory site, I have added a new site in the directory of these two categories, and I also know a

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