Back and forth on the navigation website


more than and 10 years ago, there is a personal website, even a simple personal home page, is a very cool thing. HAO123 created the myth of the webmaster, followed by countless people follow a web site navigation, the last N site down, now simply can not be simplified. Large companies have a strong backing for the acquisition of resources, small companies or grassroots webmaster website navigation in the face of two roads, one is to be purchased or closed cabbage price. To the site navigation website fine differentiation. Such as stock navigation, industry (e-commerce) navigation, buy navigation, game navigation, and then on the site directory, the website is the reproduction of wikipedia. Some experts say that the most important way to navigate the site is a subdivision.

site navigation no chance

although a large number of new Internet users are born every day, the number of Chinese 1 billion 300 million, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 457 million, then the birth of Internet users is also natural. Why do they have to do navigation? Should be said to be the first contact or a few times already, do not know what the Internet website navigation is to guide new users. But these new Internet age for young and old friends. But the Internet users are familiar with the Internet will give up the use of site navigation, loss of users is also a natural. Why is the site navigation no chance? No matter now or later, the result is the same, HAO123 users and powerful client, well ingrained Baidu 265 navigation (Google’s) old brand not have told me, 360 navigation software bundled 114, 360 on the bright younger generation. Also use the powerful resources, QQ site navigation is the client. 2345 live very well without any resources, other navigation needless to say. You know


site navigation subdivision and focus

website stocks, games, industry, buy navigation because the industry is fragmented, the outlook is not great. Although more prominent focus, but there is no flow. I dare not say that traffic is blocked 90% site navigation traffic, at least to intercept the flow of 70% plus search engine. How subdivision or navigation. Imagine buying navigation is not there to go. Currently buy site confusion, or about integrity, quality issues, such a breakdown of the focus I do not recommend that you do!

site navigation website directory

navigation from the site to the site directory this change is quite large, web site navigation is for new Internet users and web site directory open world, whether it is new or old station are included. The two have in common is navigation taste. For example, the new show Tuiyou network he is the site directory type, is relatively partial body webmaster user. Why to stationmaster? Most of their website to submit or administrator is an objective chain or exposure. Although the increase in the information is only a good optimization, the information may be too small, directly in the information platform to see, there may be a small place to see information. With the changes of the web site directory is another way of living, not new users and >

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