The necessity of stopping the operation of tomato trees congenital absence of business sense

learned last week that the tomato tree stopped operating, not surprised, because I expected, but did not expect so soon. Tomato tree just came out when it felt a little bit of meaning, from time to time to see it on the BLOG, and UI/UE colleagues talk about its WEB application. However, when I talk to my colleagues and friends of VC, I always have a negative attitude, especially after I asked the B2C about the background and condition of the tomato tree.

I have always had an original view, light electronics, heavy business, WEB side is the performance of the supply chain is the core (which is also a word posted on the company’s B2C wall, I have been thinking about the collection of copyright fees received. B2C is not a lot of people do not understand the people who want to install the criticism, that my view is contempt for the "electronic". In fact, they did not understand what I mean: electronic (early mainly refers to the UI/UE, the function and application of a relatively good implementation (business) sourcing, negotiation, distribution and inventory; the ability of RMA and START UP), in the stage, business is a major bottleneck, and the electronic expansion period before is the biggest bottleneck. This is a different stage of heavy light problem who who. Lei Jun and Chen Yizhou had different views: Lei think then the user must first sell things together, Chen Yizhou thinks to sell things to their users polymerization.

              I fully agree with the views of Lei Jun, from the perspective of B2C, users need most is you put more better and cheaper goods faster to them, instead of giving them a great site, but less expensive goods out of stock delivery is slow. Please always remember that the main purpose of the user on your site is to buy things, not to make friends with the function of. Li Li’s "light" in the company has said very clearly: the so-called "light" refers to users not only rapid polymerization and low cost, data analysis and marketing more effective, more powerful and more efficient information system of the supply chain, the more accurate sales forecast and inventory control more reasonable, a more rapid response capacity, while the back-end or to "heavy" development, supplier relationship, bargaining ability, service ability, ability of warehousing and distribution, in-depth industry chain ability etc..

said in turn tomato tree, a few small brothers and some Internet experience and technical strength, to do WEB2.0 community sites like SNS are reliable, but they are lack of business ability, the understanding of e-commerce. Basically no inventory, basically no good price, all day immersed in the site. The founder of the tomato tree, watercress came out of the children full of activity to find the media PR, to do the Chinese ZAPPOS, so I read a few articles, after reading feel more funny. Feel the storyteller and those who write articles or intentionally ignore the lack of some basic knowledge, that is ZAPPOS’s background and History: Xie Jiahua is sold before the company took a knife out of tens of millions of ZAPPOS, and.

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