The first store will be a strong red child Su Ning strong impact maternal and child market

in recent years, the rapid development of maternal and child market, has become the focus of many electricity providers compete. According to the China infant industry research center report, in recent years, the baby market continued to maintain a high growth rate of around 15%, is expected in 2015 the baby market will reach the size of 2 trillion yuan.

in this industry background, Suning insiders, red children will be at the end of September in Beijing and Wuxi for the first time to open the store, the official from the online mall tentacles stretching to the next line store, currently the preparatory work is being carried out. This is also the year after the acquisition of a red child Suning another big move. Industry experts commented that China’s maternal and child food service market, the pattern of fear will change.

playing cards, a full range of maternal and neonatal experts to redefine the market

it is understood that the red child store will open in Beijing, Wuxi Suning super store business, including baby food, clothing, toys, baby crib, milk powder, diapers, the whole category of maternal and child products, as an important part of Suning’s "super dianqihua" operation.

Su Ningyun business (002024, stock it), said the Ministry of maternal and child makeup official said, experience card is a major advantage of the upcoming opening of the red child shop. The person in charge explained: to buy clothes for the children, feel soft, the size of the weight of the toy is appropriate, in the store can have intuitive feelings. Red children’s physical stores and online stores will complement each other, and strive to provide customers with a better consumer experience."

In addition,

is different from the traditional line of maternal and child products store, the red children’s store will not only sell products, but also the transfer of scientific parenting, in order to create the most trusted child care expert brand. Its service object for the whole family rather than a single individual, from product marketing to brand marketing.

Suning insiders, red child store will be a children’s playground, and early education, parent-child three, fetal education center, and regularly carry out specialized interactive lectures, through a variety of ways, and strive to do a full range of maternal birth experts.

double lines with O2O mode impact maternal market pattern

for the entire industry, the most lethal, red children will continue after the completion of the store, Suning dual pricing strategy, store and online store commodity prices remain the same, and compared to other channels have a competitive advantage. Insiders said that the overall procurement scale and price strategy, the red child store will be the first in the price impact on maternal and child entity retail market, breaking the industry profits. This is undoubtedly a good news for consumers.

September 25, 2012, Suning announced a $66 million acquisition of maternal and child supplies in the field of leading companies red children. The general manager Su Ningyun’s maternal makeup division Chen Shuang said that over the past year, Suning has successfully completed the integration of the red child, the organization reform, to the integration of the corporate culture; from the supply chain management system, membership >

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