The cold of the courier companies still perform according to GB waybill old

this month, the "national standard" implementation of the courier waybill. The post office said yesterday an anonymous told reporters that the standard has not insured rates and payment standard made unified payment standard of concrete, and is not enforced. This also means that the courier companies will continue to "Insured shipment in accordance with the insured amount of compensation, express mail is not insured by express their compensation, usually 3~7 times" freight standard.

yesterday with the courier industry insiders say the new GB express and in May this year, similar to the company cost increase in the actual operation to a certain extent, and lack of supervision and punishment measures, the enthusiasm of the express company executive is not high.

express express

has not received formal notification

yesterday, the reporter interviewed a number of courier companies, the other have said the courier waybill has not been replaced, although know the standard, but has not received formal notification". It is understood that the domestic courier waybill is basically by their formulation, although some similar content, but the insured rate and payment standard content is more chaos.


, "if the sender did not choose insured, the company to customers in the node does not exceed nine times within the limits of non monthly compensation for the actual customer value" asked to send material loss in not more than seven times within the limits of other courier companies in the compensation range 3~7 times, some small courier company even a vague attitude to take in the express agreement.

protocol for fuzzy information, consumers express courier waybill encounter the problems of compensation standards such as confusion, the market is generally expected the "national standard" courier waybill can be standardized, but the post office yesterday told reporters that the standard is provided for single type transport information, but has not insured rates and payment according to the unified payment standard, such as compensation for many times, and the standard for the recommended standards, not mandatory.

market reshuffle after

industry will be more standardized

analysis pointed out that thousands of courier companies uneven in quality market, but there are some differences between different goods transported payment standard, the payment standard would be difficult to make the problems such as the unified standard. In fact, in May this year, after the implementation of the new national standard express, in the pre signed on the same specification and other issues such as the implementation of difficult.

insiders pointed out that in the artificial operation, under the pressure of rising costs, some courier companies also cost savings from many aspects, replacing the waybill, hardware configuration, process rules increase to some extent increased the cost of the company, the enthusiasm of the express company executive is not high.


, Yuantong express courier industry market participants said that the continuous introduction of national standard to improve the industry threshold from various aspects, it also can help the enterprise to improve the quality of service as soon as possible to get rid of a price war quagmire. Recently, EMS in some areas to reduce the express price to join the express price war, foreign courier also >

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