The moonlight on business blog social and social recruiting

talked about business BSNS, must put Linkedin, its net profit last year of more than $15 million, 2011 after the listing of the market value of up to tens of billions of dollars, unique visitors in June this year is more than MySpace, become the second largest social networking sites.

in addition to France’s most famous Viadeo by two college graduates in 2004, the current annual turnover of more than 10 million euros. Xing, founded in 2006 by two German entrepreneurs, claims to have expanded to more than 200 countries around the world.

BSNS, after all, is a kind of SNS, must follow some of the characteristics of SNS (essence).


The reason for the existence of

website products is to meet the specific needs of the target user population. Essentially, any network form (BBS/SNS/BLOG/MicroBlog/)…… Are in the form of a direct network mapping or copy our line of life. With the great Facebook as an example, on the site, log, albums, sharing directly corresponds to a line of personal chat, brag, show, envy, bubble, Mensao etc..

and the site can survive on the basis of providing users with access to the value of. Users can not play on the BSNS to play games, look at the beautiful album, but the use of the site to provide a tool for business relations, to solve practical problems.

social networking sites must be based on relationships (it’s like a piece of crap). However, what can be called the relationship between business relations, but there are so few: to seek business opportunities for cooperation (producers, middlemen, distributors, etc.). It is natural to form a two product system: contacts and recruitment. Here we analyze:


China since ancient times is a focus on the relationship between the country, how many people have long been regarded as a good service doctrine. Corresponding to the line is a business party, acquaintances, exchange business cards these activities.

but the reality is that maintaining connections on this site may not be too much (and in most of the small and medium-sized enterprises of information consciousness and the penetration rate is not high, even if the situation is not optimistic first-tier cities). One reason is the local Linkedin business network environment developed. For Chinese Internet users, the market is still in the process of nurturing.

in addition to the business environment, the trust mechanism is also a problem can not be changed in a short time. We often value our immediate contacts (that is, a network of contacts), but also willing to direct contact with the contact (that is, two degree connections) to establish a relationship. But only two people can provide real value, they will have a strong interaction.


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