B2B site collective shout up and small business owners run counter to

in the "fraud", "broken network door", B2B industry also recently came to Alibaba, hc360.com brewing company price news, it is reported that the company’s price range of more than 50%, it will be on the recent development of the B2B industry what kind of impact is still unknown. But there have been comments that the move will hit the enthusiasm of small and medium enterprises into the information portal.

as everyone knows, the loss of customers after the price is the first problem facing B2B manufacturers, the reporter learned from the Alibaba, HC, Dunhuang network company insiders understand that for this wave of price surge, most of them have been ready to move, "we can bear the price decline in sales of up to 50%, but will come back the user through the promotion of service……"

earlier in the Internet industry, basically no "price" two characters of living space, when Internet users have become accustomed to free basic services, B2B industry has invariably opened the price of the big screen, insiders commented that this one is out of the price rise cost consideration also, on the other hand, in order to eliminate the chaos after the B2B industry, improve industry access threshold and service, once again, to avoid "fraud" phenomenon.

some small business owners have said that they are not willing to bear the extra spending after the price, "the price rise in manpower and material costs should rely on their own internal Internet Co to digest, such as B2C enterprise is the way to reduce the cost by reducing advertising costs, self storage and logistics etc., why should we pass on to customers who

?"It is reported that the Alibaba

, shortly before the 2011 version of the export through the price to 29 thousand and 800 yuan to replace the previous 19 thousand and 800 yuan, the price increase of up to 10 thousand yuan, while the original 1688 member service price rose to 3688 yuan. Insiders, B2B industry ranked second HC also ready in June will be traded through membership service price increased by 50%, is currently the price before the final promotion stage.

so this round of price increases, the lowest increase rate is 50%, can be said to be a substantial adjustment, although the Alibaba and other companies have given some shopping coupon service, but most of the time is considered to be a "flashy without substance" products, consumers in the basic not too good reputation, the enterprise should how to make prices of logical implementation, without losing the customer’s heart, which is considered to be a recognized problem.

at the end of February this year, the Alibaba announced that the supplier fraud, Wei Zhe and Li Xuhui Ali was a "tongzhan". This information caused a great disturbance in the society, the integrity of electronic commerce pushed in the teeth of the storm. Analysis of the industry, leading to Alibaba credibility crisis there are three main reasons: first, the low low threshold to reduce the cost of dues fraud; two, sales pressure is too large; three, qualification certification loopholes, lack of internal audit. Where the price

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