Some views on the selection and use of the novice webmaster space

For some of the views of the use of new Adsense space, this is my view, IDC space business can make any comments

I published views, will only walk – space business for the novice webmaster a website development must be selected!

Of course, the domain name can not be selected

A: space size selection:

site the size of the program, if the program in the 1G above, I will write in the following, first look at these few suggestions!

space stability, as we all know, a web site, sometimes not open open slow phenomenon, which is related to the stability of the server, I believe

you the size of webmasters are not willing to have this problem, but also do not want to appear. The server is good, safe, stable, there will be no need to avoid disaster,

    space restrictions on the IIS webmaster, is beneficial harmless, a small flow of the station, but why there are a lot of people like their station, space stability,

    IIS connection limit is feasible way for large flow station can be appropriate to limit the number of IIS connections, some general site with 500 IIS connections,

    daily flow can be in 10 thousand to about 20 thousand!

    flow rate: generally do not limit flow, if the flow rate is limited, and the site PV, the PR value will be reduced!

    space velocity can be said to be the site of the site, to get the lifeblood, website development faster, speed slow, open the site to one or two minutes, one or two minutes in this case

    will lose users browse your site, which directly close the site IE.


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