Tao Aimin the significance and role of 2011 Taobao network security

recently released news that Taobao January 2011 Taobao will implement the entire network of consumer protection policy. This news really makes me ponder a bit, because I also have their own shop in Taobao "love Amoy clothing city", but because of funding problems, I have not joined the consumer protection, business is not surprising. So I have always wanted to talk about their views on the whole network of Taobao consumer protection.


shop online friends have a big part with me all the same, the shop did not join the consumer protection and business is not good, even worse reputation is the use of improper means to brush up, brush reputation often not join disappear, because once found serious taobao.com sellers brush reputation, seal shop if consumer protection fee is not refundable, shop taobao.com network consumer protection plan will make the brush reputation from taobao.com disappear. However, Taobao’s move is bound to lose a large number of small businesses operating in good faith but not in good faith, but Taobao’s own trading market norms will also usher in more online shoppers.

Taobao’s entire network of consumer protection plan will improve the threshold of online shop start-up, no longer just a casual look at what you can have their own shops. Does this then mean that Taobao will no longer sell hot? I think on the contrary, taobao.com the whole network consumer protection policy for their own taobao.com taobao.com trading market, online transactions accounted for the share trading network share however more than eighty percent of the standard, taobao.com as the online trading market overall specification. This will make online shopping more popular, more trustworthy, will usher in more online shoppers. Increasing the number of online shoppers will enable more companies to see the benefits of e-commerce and the network has not yet been excavated wealth. With the development of e-commerce in their own companies. Taobao’s plan may bring a new situation in e-commerce, e-commerce into a new height. I suggest that Taobao sellers do not give up their own gold rush because of the cost increase. Taobao’s entire network of consumer protection plan benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, as long as Taobao sellers do not give up, insist, I believe will be in the increasingly perfect Taobao to create a world of their own. Blogger press, Tao Aimin personal blog http://s.www.taoaimin.com/post/201.html

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