Huaxia Red just to join the Taobao distribution sellers advice

from a drill to drill two, this is the Taobao store’s saved experience, summed up in one sentence, in the Taobao store or step by step, do not rush. Through brush credit only counterproductive results. We must concentrate on business, establish brand awareness, so that more new customers from the old customers, with small shops and strong growth.

The following

I opened the Chinese red Taobao stores have little experience to share with you, since Taobao store opened, we supply a big headache for the novice, it is even more so, a small shop, once find the source agent, novice anxious to get a distribution. A shop like department stores. If I don’t go wrong, I also thought it was on, just know later, the products don’t need to, as much love, with two people together in love, to marry a wife? Personal opinion, the distribution of friends, products choice in essence at the same time, the quantity of the goods do not choose more than 150 people, the energy is limited, the website products need more promotion, if the flow, the customer also comes less natural. The gain becomes less.

There is a problem of

Taobao distributors, is love exchange, when their goods are not business days, you love another try to sell the goods, the goods of the original upload, goods shelves, product changes too fast, lost the old customers. New customers do not agree with their new products, a Taobao store will start to take care of the new. So the commodity, The loss outweighs the gain., to establish brand awareness, to learn more about what you sell, what you can provide, a shop name, is not to let people know what is selling goods?

financial aspects, and their online purchase of goods separately. How much investment, how much to get their own psychological to have a data. Do not open the store for a few months down, money or loss do not know, all broken accounts. This is not a successful financial man oh.

good refueling, blog, blog to become your source of traffic. I always think the text is the most effective way to promote affordable, video ads can not afford to do, also can not afford to do street advertising, then we use text ads, we can do it, a few fragments, with a sincere heart, with Fetion to communicate with my friends, a greeting, too would be a good way to store brand promotion. Well, it’s about it, I hope to help the friends of the newly opened shop, seniors have gone the wrong way, I hope you can cross the past, do not make mistakes. Ha ha!

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