How to develop e commerce market in Shenzhen

Shenzhen has fertile soil for the development of electronic commerce, but due to the lack of knowledge of a new round of e-commerce "revolutionary" change, Shenzhen development opportunities of e-commerce is gradually from other city "Futian District CPPCC member Lin Yongli told reporters that.

only from 2008, the building area of 82 thousand square meters of Shenzhen Center Bookstore sales of 106 million yuan, while Beijing ‘ only in Shenzhen”s book sales of more than 200 million yuan. Shenzhen has nearly 30 million sellers, Huaqiang North electronic products trading is transferred to a large number of e-commerce platform and other places."

status: Shenzhen electronic commerce development unashamedly but save three worries

Lin Yongli said: Shenzhen is the headquarters of China’s Internet companies gathered in Southern China, but also China’s largest e-commerce consumer terminal, the development of e-commerce unique. Such as "Baidu", "global resources" and "future" and other Internet companies in Shenzhen set up regional headquarters and branches; some large backbone enterprises in Shenzhen Internet, such as Tencent, pat net ranked the top three in the C2C e-commerce platform; "caifutong China" is the third party online payment the market share of second; "Kingdee Youshang" full e-commerce services in the domestic leading advantage; Shenzhen local network Igor in the Eastern European market is almost equivalent to a Russian version of the Alibaba. According to the "Taobao", "excellent network", "Dangdang" and other well-known e-commerce platform statistics show that the volume of transactions from Shenzhen ranked the forefront of the country.


electronic commerce development foundation and have a good advantage, including excellent hardware facilities, the huge number of Internet users, a large number of technical personnel, active commodity trading market and innovative spirit of Shenzhen. The economic development of the real economy from the extension to the virtual economy and information economy, promote Shenzhen better and faster access to the information society, enhance the overall strength of the city, the construction of Shenzhen has become the international competitiveness and regional radiation national e-commerce center city.

then, Lin Yongli Schmidt said continuous three major problems: one is the electronic commerce enterprise relocation. Before 2000, Shenzhen was the birthplace of Chinese, the earliest Internet companies actively, gathered, Chinese 40% Internet companies registered in Shenzhen; after 2000, our city in terms of preferential policies and security system behind Hangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and other places, a large number of Internet business people. While the national Chinese e-commerce hundred enterprises in Shenzhen only "Tencent pat" and "mango" two on the list, ranked third and 71 respectively; in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange recently held a "National Internet training courses listed on the gem" first national 68 Internet companies in Zhejiang Province, there are 31 e-commerce companies shortlisted, Shenzhen only "business network", "Igor International Mall" two.

Lin Yongli pointed out that if you do not spare no effort to catch up, Shenzhen related industries business flow, capital flow, logistics and information flow control is being transferred, Shenzhen will lose in the electronic business.

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