Ma Yun successor candidate settled Ali future business center of gravity

January 15, 2013 Ma announced that it will retire from office CEO in May 10, 2013. Nearly two months of the outside world a variety of speculation for Ali, the successor to the future and business focus, but also different opinions. When everyone thought the future candidate is Leizhi Peng, Ma Yun was suddenly declared on March 11th that Lu Zhaoxi served as CEO of Alibaba, and Peng Lei served as Ali small and micro financial services group CEO.

a stone stirred waves, the outside world is really not surprising for Ma move. Not long ago, Ali launched a series of being viewed established financing Guarantee Corporation to encroach on the Bank of small loans, open credit payment, financial business. We all thought that as Alipay CEO Peng Lei will become Ali’s successor, while the banking business will become a priority among priorities of ali. Many people even think that Ali or will become the second China Merchants Bank, focusing on building financial services ecosystem based. Today, Ali’s decision had to re-examine the real intention of ma. And the answer lies in the appointment of the successor.

big data mining, fine operation route

Lu Zhaoxi before taking over as CEO’s position as chief financial officer of Alibaba group and President of cloud OS division. Public information, Lu Zhaoxi joined the Alibaba of the group in 2000, starting from the frontline sales staff, has served as Alibaba B2B Guangdong sales company Alipay founder, President, President of Taobao created company and Alibaba B2B listed company and CEO group chief data Officer (CDO) and other duties, responsibilities of comprehensive management have assumed the Alibaba a few pieces of core business group the. Peng Lei compared with the ability of financial services in management, human resources, sales for Lu Zhaoxi, the sensitivity of the data and the experience of operation in Ali, fear of none, for business platform, is the core of supply chain management and channel optimization, and do this, huge consumption data, only the use of good Taobao settled plough, is fundamental to the future Ali create centennial. Alibaba in 2012 electricity supplier conference has proposed its own development strategy, which is the platform, data and finance is the future development of the three plates. From the platform of the future positioning, and Ali on the financial mode of operation, through the provision of financial data mining will bring a lot of money Ali profits, which will be the basis for the future development of ali.

network layout, to seize the mobile internet ticket

we are no doubt that mobile Internet giant market potential and value, as Chinese three Internet giant Tencent and Baidu, in 2012, have got tickets.

Tencent rely on mobile Internet killer application first, WeChat will move the end of the various IM tools have picked off. Circle of friends, people around, a shake, these seemingly simple function, super strong relationship with the Tencent to the chain, it is when God kill God, kill the Buddha. Baidu, although only maps

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