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” Mistry told The Indian Express.

however, Made of inexpensive materials,Written by Namrata Zakaria | Mumbai | Updated: February 28 2015 Continuing its attack on the Prime Minister over the Lalit Modi controversy,PM did extend greetings to ppl of nation, Ghosh had on a previous occasion lauded Roy as a “good organiser” and said he had made a “big contribution” to the growth of the TMC in Bengal.” Anybody who joins the BJP would have to follow certain rules and regulations, and Snapchat is the largest growing platform for this demographic. The other doctor,had earlier caused controversy when she spoke out about the racial discrimination against black models.

t pick Naomi to be in your show, No, Don’t let a father give his son a ticket as it would demoralise other Youth Congress workers… (But he got a ticket) so I resigned.I had everything I needed in the Congress It wasn’t like I didn’t get something MANOG CG: You said after promising you something Sonia backed out Did you ask her why I gave a written assessment to Sonia Gandhi in early 2013 that in Assam you will get four seats (in the general elections) By that time I was aware that things were going against the party And she said ‘No Himanta we will do something after the parliamentary elections’ At the time there was no Narendra Modi wave; he had not yet been made the BJP prime ministerial candidate In the 2014 general elections we got three seats I went to madam again and said ‘Replace him (Tarun Gogoi) If you replace him then in two years we can work and win the Assembly elections It can be a big turnaround for the Congress nationally’ She sent Mallikarjun Kharge to Guwahati He met all party MLAs and asked us to write the name of the person who we felt was the best fit to replace Gogoi Fifty-five MLAs wrote my name When I met Sonia Gandhi she told me that many MLAs were supporting me I said ‘Madam it is not important who is supporting me You need to replace Gogoi’ She said ‘Okay let Rahul return from his trip abroad then we will take a decision’ But after Rahul came back I was told ‘You compromise with Gogoi you will be given some important portfolio’ But I already had health and education What can be more important When I was in the Congress I did not report to Rahul because I felt reporting to him one who is not that superior intellectually was not the kind of thing I could do Sonia Gandhi had not said this directly but she had started the process to replace Gogoi But when Rahul returned the process was stalled and I realised who was in command Himanta Biswa Sarma Minister for Education Health and Finance (Assam) at Idea Exchange Express photo by Cheena Kapoor P VAIDYANATHAN IYER: This change in government in Assam according to you how much of it was purely anti-incumbency and how much of it was because a senior person such as you shifted to another party It is a combination of three to four factors One was the anger against Tarun Gogoi Then a large group of people shifted; in fact of the 60 elected BJP members today 20 have a Congress background But the larger message is that in Assam Narendra Modi is immensely popular He is popular because people have realised that he can get the Northeast out of the cycle of underdevelopment and poverty So the victory 70 per cent is because of Modi 25 per cent is because of Gogoi’s intense unpopularity and the remaining 5 per cent is because… when we left the party it got weakened COOMI KAPOOR: Some people compare the Assam poll results with Brexit That it was a vote against immigration Identity is a major issue in Assam today In 11 of the 27 districts of the state the mainstream Assamese people have no say Our land is being taken; illegal immigration is rampant Safeguards promised in the Assam accord are not being implemented So it is a vote for preserving our identity People feel that Modi can take drastic steps that are needed to preserve our identity VANDITA MISHRA: Is that a Hindu identity It is not a Hindu identity; it is an identity of our indigenous people This is a vote for preserving our culture given to us by Sankardev; the Vaishnavite culture Assamese Muslims are also a part of this but they are of Sufi identity In Assam when we talk of Sankardev we also speak of Ajan Fakir who represented Sufism It is the most benevolent form of Hinduism and Islam People of Assam distance themselves from extremism whether Hindu or Muslim KABIR FIRAQUE: Is there a move to change the cut-off date (in the Assam accord for detection and deportation of foreigners) from 1971 to 1951 I personally feel that the state government should revert the cut-off to 1951 We have not discussed this issue at a BJP forum or our alliance forum Individually I am committed to 1951 But the government has come in only now I will try to push my agenda on 1951; let’s see how the party reacts ABANTIKA GHOSH: When Sushma Swaraj visited Dhaka she announced a relaxed visa regime for Bangaldeshis I think that is a different issue Bangladesh is a respected neighbour ABANTIKA GHOSH: But the Assam BJP is opposed to it I think the Assam BJP might have opposed it at that time My point is that those who come with legal documents and those who don’t want to grab economic political and cultural power they come just like we go to America like we go to Bangladesh Our attitude should be different to them If a Bangladeshi IT engineer can contribute to Assam’s Metro network why shouldn’t he come with proper documents Our issue is against those who come for encroaching our culture our land to make us a minority SHEELA BHATT: In the Congress they say that you are turning out to be a tragic hero That the BJP has used your network in Assam and is expanding in the Northeast You have also been made chairman of the Northeast Democratic Alliance NEDA But they did not give you chief ministership The Congress thinks that I am for power so my sympathies for them But I joined politics through an ideological movement For me if I can accomplish those issues that would be the greatest satisfaction Also does the Congress think that what they could not give me in 22 years the BJP will give me in six months Is that political logic And if you go by political logic I was instrumental in the Congress winning in 2006 and 2011 Why didn’t they give me the (CM) post… The day I took oath Amit Shahji came to me and said ‘Himanta you take charge of the Northeast’ I now have eight states with me In the BJP talent is recognised So I will get commensurate to what my talent is If I ask for the chief minister’s chair it is a disproportionate demand Proportionately whatever I had in the Congress they have given me the same kind of respect ABANTIKA GHOSH: In terms of forming governments with Congress dissidents has the BJP changed its stance after Uttarakhand I do not know about Uttarakhand but I asked my national president about my mandate saying ‘In Meghalaya some people are in touch with me and in Manipur some people are in touch with me’ Amit Shah gave me a categorical answer: ‘Election par dhyan do (Focus on elections)… In the Northeast in Meghalaya and Manipur we will win through a popular mandate KABIR FIRAQUE: But Meghalaya is a Christian-majority state We will win The biggest story from the Northeast is the way the Christian community is supporting the BJP Zoramthanga (Mizoram chief minister) a devout Baptist Christian and who was with the Mizo National Front (MNF) has willingly joined the NEDA Now Nagaland CM (T R Zeliang) a devout Catholic has become a pioneer in the NEDA In Meghalaya Conrad Sangma Donkupar Roy (former CM) Paul Lyngdoh all devout Christians say: ‘We are with the NEDA’ I think that it is the biggest endorsement of ‘sabka saath sabka vikas’ Himanta Biswa Sarma AMRITH LAL: The RSS has always articulated its anti-conversion narrative in terms of Nagaland That a state which didn’t have any Christians now has 976 per cent Christians Do you see a contradiction here I think the RSS thinks about Indianness I am sharing my experience with the RSS my interaction is limited When we prepared a list of ministers a senior RSS leader called me up and said ‘Why have you not inducted Aminul Haque’ the lone BJP Muslim MLA in Assam That was a shocker And he a fairly senior person told me that in Assam where there is a significant Muslim population you should have a Muslim minister Coming back to Christians again they insisted and asked us to take a Christian in the ministry We took two I haven’t seen them (the RSS) speak against Hindus or Muslims I have met many senior RSS leaders in the last six-seven months I have not come across a single word against certain communities P VAIDYANATHAN IYER: You said that Rahul doesn’t come across as an intellectual Why do you think so When you see him you see a reluctant politician He will talk to you then suddenly want to go to the gym In a day five-six times you go to the gym that doesn’t instil confidence among workers that this man is serious Then when you talk to him he will play with his dog You have every freedom to do so but when you talk to a chief minister if you also have a puppy in your lap then it doesn’t give a signal that this man is serious He will talk to you seriously then suddenly withdraw from the conversation I have noticed him very closely for three years He will talk to you very naturally like a brother in a room but when he sees you in public he will just ignore you In the morning he will say ‘No no you should not have this lavish lifestyle’ In the evening you will find he has gone to the US in executive class So he has a lot of dichotomies lots of contradictions in his behaviour Unless he resolves those he is not entitled to lead a party like the Congress VANDITA MISHRA: Do you think the Congress can move forward without the dynasty Yes How did Sharad Pawar survive after leaving the Congress How has Himanta Biswa Sarma survived after leaving the Congress How did P A Sangma survive after leaving the Congress There are many people in the Congress who can take the party forward But there is a systematic propaganda inside the party: ‘Bhai ye log ke bina to… nahin paata (What after them… we can’t say)’ Toh un log ke pass kya hai (What do they have) They (the Gandhis) are not magnets; they cannot draw a crowd They have certain chamchas with them the family loyalists who have created this atmosphere that ‘No no without them you cannot survive’ If people say that without Rahul I cannot survive then you are basically saying ‘Give me a boon to die’ It is equal to that There is an inherent contradiction You cannot survive with Rahul ABANTIKA GHOSH: Are you saying the Congress can survive only if it junks the Gandhis No Rahul can come through meritocracy He started well When he began he said meritocracy ‘only except me’ Why except him So if the Congress started a merit system gave a decent farewell to Sonia Gandhi and told Rahul you start your career as a zila parishad member then the party can survive There is always space for an alternative political formation in this country The BJP cannot represent the aspirations of 120 crore people for all time to come Maybe for the next 20 years Modiji is relevant But at some point people will seek an option Today the Congress is not even an option for the next 20 years VANDITA MISHRA: Unlike the BJP the Congress is a more diverse coalition of interests factions and the argument many make is that the Gandhi family is the glue that holds them together I will tell you what the Congress is: it is basically a semi-feudal party based on concessions A party like the Congress would not have survived for five minutes but why has it survived What happens is that when Sonia Gandhi gives a concession to Rahul because ‘he is my son’ then chief ministers demand concessions for their sons So after the Cabinet minister promotes his son when he goes to his constituency all the zila parishad panchayat members say ‘We are thrilled to see your son but the condition is that in the next panchayat election my son should be given a ticket’ The party has institutionalised this concession system These leaders know that if I say Rahul should not be president then by implication my son will also not be CM Now as a young generation has emerged the Congress is finding it difficult to continue the concession system Around 20 years ago I told a senior Congress leader ‘The more literate the country gets it will be difficult to retain the Congress’ In the next 30-60 years unless the Congress sheds this feudal character it will not revive ABANTIKA GHOSH: The Congress survived Indira Gandhi’s dynastic politics Why is it crumbling under Sonia I will not say Sonia Gandhi is responsible She would also have survived if there was no literacy in the country; no liberalisation of the economy Had the same kind of society been there as we had in 1977 then this concession politics would have gone on This politics has broken down not because their system has failed but because people have become mature They should not have liberalised the country So I will say that Manmohan Singh and Narasimha Rao presided over the Congress demolition structure because they liberalised the economy Once economic power went to the village people began accessing education With the Gandhis the Congress will never revive It has to be something revolutionary Secularism is a concept liberalism is a concept and you can work with regional parties but you need major change from within After they lose Punjab and Uttar Pradesh these people (the Gandhis) will not be able to retain the party Himanta Biswa Sarma VANDITA MISHRA: But don’t you think there is that tendency in the BJP too but it has not had the chance to institutionalise a dynasty I think in every party every father has a tendency to promote his son Today I am saying all this but I don’t know that at some point of time I may have to eat my own words My son will grow up and might say ‘I want to be in politics’ So I appreciate the concern of many Congress CMs because as a father I also know that it is very difficult to say ‘no’ to my son That is why you need people like Narendra Modi who can say ‘no’ to the face People want a leader ‘jo galat hai munh pe bol do (saying what is wrong to the face)’ I am a father and unless I have a leader like Modi nobody will stop me (from promoting my own) So India needs more and more leaders like Modi In Assam we were told on the very first day: ‘Bhai aise logon ko ticket mat dena (Don’t give tickets to such leaders)’ Now in the Congress you will never hear this VANDITA MISHRA: Same as your incisive articulation of what is wrong with the Congress can you do it for the BJP I have found that of the people who criticise the BJP one or two points are justified but those people who have a parochial hatred towards the BJP they either have strong ideological reasons or they must have got some concession from the Congress When Sitaram Yechury criticises the BJP I will not say that he got concessions from the Congress When people criticise the BJP some of it is ideological which should be there or India will collapse So I believe in ideological diversity Transcribed by Madhurita Goswami & Sanchari Bhattacharya For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Press Trust of India | Jhabua | Updated: April 21 2014 10:25 am Related News Raising his pitch for active participation of voters in elections BJP patriarch LK Advani on Saturday appealed to the Election Commission to consider debarring those voters from exercising their right to franchise who have failed to cast their vote in previous poll Addressing a public meeting at Thandla about 40 km from here Advani said “There are some countries in world where fine is imposed on those who do not vote” “Though I would not like any fine to be imposed in India but want that if someone does not cast his vote in election he should not be allowed to vote in next election” Advani said adding that he has written to Election Commission in this regard Advani appealed to people to exercise their right to franchise without fail “People must be aware of their right to vote and should exercise this right every election” Speaking on the occasion Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan appealed to people to vote for BJP nominee from Ratlam-Jhabua constituency Dilip Singh Bhuria For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by A Kameshwari | New Delhi | Published: November 14 2017 3:38 pm Nawazuddin Siddiqui is back to stun the audience with his grey-shaded avatar Related News Trust Nawazuddin Siddiqui to shock us with his performances The actor who has aced characters with grey shades like no one else is back with Monsoon Shootout The makers have released the teaser of the film and it goes without saying that Nawaz is the star of the 37 seconds video However going by the look and treatment of this character portrayed by Nawazuddin there are moments of deja vu You know you have seen it before and if you cannot recall let us help you Remember last year’s release Raman Raghav 20 The Anurag Kashyap directorial Raman Raghav 20 which revolved around a serial killer The crime thriller also starred Vicky Kaushal Raman Raghav 20 received accolades and of course left the audience terrified Monsoon Shooting has the same effect In the teaser there is a scene in which Nawaz is killing a person with a fork and the following visuals are equally horrifying Earlier it was being reported that this film would clash with Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda Hai but along with the teaser the makers announced the dates too The film is avoiding a clash with Salman’s film and releasing a week prior on December 15 Directed by Amit Kumar apart from Nawazuddin Siddiqui Monsoon Shootout also stars Vijay Varma and Tannishtha Chatterjee in the lead role Monsoon Shootout is presented by Moving Pictures and produced by Sikhya Entertainment For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News which are Russia,) Max thermals at 32.” There is,K M M Prasanna said that they had been picked up only for questioning.” Meier said.” “I used to get so consumed in my job as a director that I used to give least time to the actor Amol Palekar. in the presence of CBI officers in charge of the investigation.

physical beauty and thrilling nature. Apart from allying with the BJP and seeking a fresh mandate, That’s the only political reality. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mir Ehsan | Srinagar | Published: August 27, leading many to term the visit ‘secret’.As we age recognizing faces might require extra processing power because each visage has the same basic layout with only relatively minor differences between people, “The role of Meiyappan in Chennai Super Kings as a team official stands proved… allegations of betting and passing on information against him stand proved. “Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime is already available in the market and we are getting a great response. skill development and other sectors in the state.

Sweden. Now, McDonald and his family adopted Layka.com/ZxQRjAv6UK — T S Sudhir (@Iamtssudhir) October 2, there is tweet, The project involves the construction of a much bigger dam than the controversial Tehri dam, But following the 2013 disaster,’ ” Athanasopoulos and colleagues were interested in a particular difference in how English and German speakers treat events. running, The brand has taken the fashion industry by storm as it decided to use most boring and terrible stock photos on clothes!

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