WeChat pushing electricity supplier will kill third party astray

the entire electricity supplier industry have been looking forward to how much WeChat 618 will be given to the Jingdong, WeChat today announced the public platform to support WeChat service number to open micro shop function. All these actions are reflected in the closed road WeChat farther and farther, but how exactly all these results?

WeChat closed circle of friends to do marketing

The last time the

iron brother said WeChat closed and forecast the marketing circle of friends will be the official WeChat, a dissatisfied users and I focus on black WeChat various tucao. WeChat store, mainly for the users should be the entity company affiliated to WeChat service number of small enterprises, to sell, which is different from the Jingdong micro shop B shop mode. The WeChat store in the future will certainly encourage the circle of friends marketing (otherwise there is no line under the support of a unified home entrance, where the flow). Of course, the future of Jingdong micro store will certainly be able to do this circle of friends to do marketing.

is likely to be the future of the circle of friends advertising information can only allow WeChat shop or Jingdong micro shop or WeChat micro purchase of products, other platforms, especially Taobao must be blocked.

marketing circles full of expectations for the circle of friends, all kinds of true and false master with this concept flicker a big ticket. The so-called marketing circle of friends is actually using a natural sense of trust between users for marketing, but not a natural sense of trust is only short term or one-time, if the long-term natural sense of trust is the result being pulled black or masked as an excuse for friends harassment diligently.

circle of friends is the highest value of marketing is a high rate of arrival, but the risk lies in a little carelessness will cause harassment. In addition, the biggest problem is that most of the circle of friends in the circle of friends to open the circle of friends when the information is in different scenarios, or travel, or class, or when the meeting…… Look at the circle of friends is emotional, shopping is rational behavior, so that the mentality of the rational use of shopping is still a little bit difficult.

marketing circle of friends like jiaoyanyudi plastic flowers, looks beautiful in smell tasteless.

third party companies how to live

brother wrote to WeChat last month iron was third, a third party company was recognized, and always keep in touch and brother iron are discussed, and some also pleaded, and claimed to be a company CEO and iron brother in Olympic Park about aircraft, its employees have been through various channels for various attacks iron brother.

now WeChat shop, Jingdong micro shop and other products launched, the third party is not only the company can not live a good problem, but can not live. At present, the huge number of third party companies, uneven, basic development templates and services are not essential to look at the surface, that is, selling a variety of templates. Now micro official website, micro activities and so on marketing QQ done, WeChat mall marketing QQ, WeChat shop, Tencent micro purchase, attack micro shop are doing. To sum up, all third sides of the template WeChat itself has been. Third party companies have no reason to live?

iron elder brother

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