The king of the children why disdain to associate with the electricity supplier maternal limelight

[Abstract] the Internet tide surge of the past few years, many large traditional retailers feel very upset: the original rules of the game are broken; the stock before the great accumulation has become the shackles of transformation and reform.

but not the essence of commercial, retail industry has not violated the law, many large retail enterprises feel uneasy is the mistake of stage, opportunity of profit as the basic model does not change, such as the line retail commercial real estate and real estate value added attachment.

but if the enterprise for a perspective, seize the window of the retail upgrade line, the traditional retail business in the soil can also open a new flower in the Internet age, bear fruit. In 2009 the establishment of the maternal retail chain had caught the king of the children of the window period to upgrade, neither the traditional burden, but also not in the vertical electricity supplier in the field of rash, but will the integration of traditional retail and business advantages, from the beginning of establishment of a non-existent internal game online and offline retail system.

in 2009 to 2013, a large number of vertical outs: mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the red child, was acquired, cotton collapse, VANCL Trend Micro, the glory of the electricity supplier has no mention of. But in the last two years by the electricity supplier maternal attention rising, some analysts believe that with the rise of cross-border electricity supplier and the baby food supplies safety awareness are not unrelated, a time in which an influx of capital.

but has been low-key development of the child Wang did not face the new situation of unrest. Xu Weihong said: "the king of children is not a competitive thinking in the development, we have their own goals every year." To understand where the state power grid confidence from the king of the children, and the children of King Xu Weihong of communication CEO.


simple maternal and child electricity supplier efficiency is low?

although it seems that the current maternal and child electricity supplier has become the focus of attention in the industry, but the situation is not a simple vertical electricity supplier changed too much." Xu Weihong said: "the king of the children in line, before the first open online mall business, but after a period of time that we recognize from the point of view of future profitability, efficiency is low maternal electricity supplier. But the king is neither a traditional retailer, but not the so-called pure electricity supplier companies, is a member of the data company."

Xu Weihong analyzes several reasons of the low efficiency of business profits from the retail point of view: first, the price of the maternal category is not particularly high, the gross margin is limited; second, business orders throughout the country, geographically separated, the future of business electricity supplier packaging and distribution costs will gradually increase; third, users hope that through the electricity supplier channel sales price is more and more low, and I hope more and more quick delivery.

in this case, it is difficult for anyone to make a profit in this business, which is also a lot of vertical B2C electricity supplier transformation, mergers and acquisitions

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