Handle NetEase after the first double 11 has become the hisap online entrance

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handle change after the first "double 11" sanpower five "pull" mode first try

handle network client will become the hisap line entrance, to bring passenger

for its more than and 800 line stores

– reporter He Jun

just replace the new owner of the handle network immediately ushered in the present moment, "the Warlords" in the upcoming "double eleven", and the new network can handle large shareholders under the hisap played with, play fun, become the problem that the success or failure of the acquisition, the test of Asia and africa.

October 20th, Yuan Yafei’s sanpower group announced the acquisition of lashou.com, sanpower group A shares on the main board of the two companies, respectively, and Nanjing HITEKER Nanjingxinbai, also has the new board and the NASDAQ company Jinpeng Yuen Hong Mcglaughlin. At that time, Yuan Yafei for the acquisition of the interpretation of, in order to find online entry".

handle net


hisap the entrance line

Yuan Yafei Carter, handle network to the battlefield. Handle network PR Director Wang Bin introduced to the "Securities Daily" the reporter said, in the "double eleven" period, handle network will become hongtugaoke’s 3C stores hisap special promotions online entrance, "the preparation of the event schedule is very tight".

data show that the hisap has 200 stores, more than and 600 stores, covering more than and 200 City, with annual sales of nearly 26 billion 500 million yuan. "During the hisap 14 anniversary, APP handle the client from the beginning of November 4th will start the hisap anniversary of Madden commodity special line under the past traditional store promotions mainly through advertising to get people now in stores, sanpower group acquire handle network, and a new play, Wang Bin said.

according to reports, during the anniversary, hisap line stores will provide dozens of 3C explosion models of products, not only is the ultra low price and spot. But users want to buy these products, you need to handle the network APP client to buy a certain number of daily limit. The user handle online prepaid 50 yuan deposit, the balance of payments in stores hisap line.

This is

, industry analysts told the "Securities Daily" pointed out: "although the group purchase website O2O already, but more cooperation with third parties, such as lashou.com and hisap" intimate contact "is the first time that if the result is good, other resources can be extended to the sanpower group."

in fact, this network entrance handle network, there are a lot of access to the resources under the line. Sanpower group offline retail business and language communications (2478 stores), Nanjing (the new owner of the Nanjing new century, Wuhu, Huainan New Oriental, Nanjingxinbai mall, Nanjingxinbai pharmaceutical etc.), second of the domestic brand Baidu etc..

"under the command of Yuan Yafei, it is possible to handle the net"

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