Promotion of the angle is to cut off the customer group

what the optimists say the glass half empty, pessimists say is half full, that we want to rape the feminists cup, gloating activists also to spat,

let me drink a cup half full.

where so many chegulu crap,

promotion is the angle of the customer –

1, annual sales of more than 1 billion big promotion,

is based on the "surface" of the customer group,

For example,

Han beam, named "happy camp", "I am a singer," 4 "," If You Are The One "masked singer", "every day"…… It is through entertainment "" covering hundreds of millions of customers.

such as 100 birds gazelle, almost all of the city every weekend in the supermarket, shop counters, CS turns to do promotional activities…… It is through offline channels, "" covering hundreds of millions of customers.

such as micro whale TV, that is, the new star detective Chinese song, double eleven get in by every opening party…… To borrow a variety show "" covering hundreds of millions of customers.

frequently cast hundreds of millions, but I cannot play……

2, annual sales of 1 to 1 billion years in the promotion of the brand,

is based on "wiring" cut off the customer base,

For example, AFU

is open, fancy marketing; the other is to have all kinds of fancy marketing, and business platform resource replacement.

For example,

bad boy, open is to teach you the girl; the other is gathered grass root to tutor for money, contributions and commissions.

such as logic thinking, open is wisdom truth; the other is gathered and then sell grass root, membership, selling books, selling course.

wait a few years, but we can not afford to wait……

The promotion of

3, annual sales of 100 million small,

is based on the "take point" to cut off the customer base,

For example,

Chan, from WeChat to product details page "point cut, with free micro mall to the public number and micro business cannot do without you, then light knife.

such as the little black dress, from "white-collar" to make money and social point cut, with three level distribution and spokesperson exchange, given the tools to make money from a friend.

for example, God carved sirloin, from the "Internet thinking" to try the point cut, with the formula of endorsement, and swing disc packaging into the dish, the Internet thinking model.

makes the point of success:

Jin Qiao, Lidengkequ

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