Whether Taobao can create brand new gameplay

in heat double eleven not dispersed, twelve has come, announced recently taobao.com, unlike the previous annual double 12 activity rules is that the event will not set up a "threshold", "zero threshold" to all businesses open, and no longer set discount rate, what to buy, how much to sell by consumers and merchants decided together, the traditional sellers, discounts will become the past. And, this year, 12· 12 will no longer be ranked in sales, each business can show their most special, the most unique characteristics of their own consumers. As many features as possible will be presented to consumers. The face of Taobao’s "small and beautiful", in the face of the twelve, many small sellers tense prepare, hope this can produce their own brand of twelve. But the reality is cruel, this really is different Taobao twelve and ordinary

promotional activities?


one, do not play price war can avoid malicious competition

Although the Taobao

twelve has repeatedly declared that twelve promotion will "forget the numbers", price war, no longer in the sales ranking, but hope that consumers and businesses are "fun, fun". Taobao hopes that consumers and businesses are good fun, in other words, you play more crazy, I earn more, hope you are playing crazy! During the "Twelve activities, consumers can buy goods all you want to add a shopping cart, you need not settlement, the sales of these businesses can according to their own the goods" desire "to set the discount, and displayed on the consumer’s page, see the discount after consumers and then choose whether to purchase payment. That is, the official discount is not set, before I participate in the activities above Taobao, you can not discount the goods to a certain extent. But in the Taobao twelve, businesses can arbitrarily set the discount, no rules no Cheng Fangyuan. If you do not have a certain standard, the price war will only be more intense business home.

two, increase the amount of spam

think there is no ideal threshold of promotion in war results in Taobao – this time, you need to put more effort. Consumers want to find their own products in many promotional items, we must invest a certain amount of promotion. Twelve also let Taobao passengers fighting each other, to see who the promotion propaganda, so that message group, QQ group and e-mail group spread etc.. After the media survey, Internet users on average two days to be harassed promotional information once, and these promotional information on their completely useless.

three, repeated promotions to weaken the purchasing power of users

more and more recent festivals, such as Christmas, new year’s day and spring festival. At the end of the year, the purchasing power of the consumer should be the biggest, but after a large number of promotional activities, the effect will be greatly reduced. Netizen Chen said, "after the double eleven credit cards have been constantly bill expires, if there is no money back to consumer – >

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